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Feb 5

New Community in North Queen Anne

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Communities_620x130_0115_CS_fDowntown Cornerstone is a community of communities scattered throughout the city, declaring and displaying the gospel of Jesus Christ in relationship to each other and the city. These are communities of diverse, imperfect people that are committed to living out the implications of the gospel in every sphere of life. These are communities of radical grace, sacrificial service, and joy. These are communities that eat together, pray together, laugh together, and study the Bible together – in essence, share life. These are communities that build up the church by encouraging people to faith in Jesus Christ and build up the city through deeds of justice and mercy. These are communities where you can be who God created you to be, yourself. It’s our hope and prayer that everyone who calls Downtown Cornerstone home will find a community like this.

This week, we launched a new community in North Queen Anne! By God’s grace, this is the third community living life together in Queen Anne. Tyler Ashby, who previously led the Uptown community, is now leading North Queen Anne. We asked him to answer a few questions about the people, vision, and prayer requests for the newly forming community.

What are you excited about for this North Queen Anne launch?

It’s clear that God is growing his church on Queen Anne!  It’s exciting to be part of this unique replication of two communities becoming a third. Also, since the location is right next to the SPU campus, we’re really looking forward to serving the campus and their students as a community.

Any specific ways we can be praying?

Please pray that our affections for Jesus would grow and we would trust him more deeply than ever. Pray that the Gospel would be the foundation of what we build together as a family and that we would grow as disciple-making disciples. Pray for relationships to form  (not everyone knows each other yet). Lastly, pray for more leaders to be trained and equipped to lead even more communities!

If you are not currently participating with a DCC Community and would like to be involved with North Queen Anne or another community, email