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(RE)CREATE is a night to explore the intersecting themes of beauty, theology, culture, and worship. We’ll have facilitated in-depth presentations from DCC artists doing creative work in our church and city. If you are interested in exploring the arts from a Christian worldview, enjoying and supporting creative work within our church, or just curious to know more about the growing arts community at DCC, this night is for you!

The name (RE)CREATE highlights the multi-medium ways we as image-bearers (i.e. “re-creators”) reflect the artistic originality, ingenuity and beauty of our Creator God. Jesus is the ultimate originalist. So every opportunity we have to engage in creative work, is an opportunity to worship our Creator!

For more information about our hopes for this event, please read Pastor Randy’s blog post!

WHO. (RE)CREATE is not just for “creatives”. This is for everyone!

WHEN.  Friday, March 15th, 7pm-10pm

WHERE.  Downtown Cornerstone Church (MPR Downstairs)

WHAT.  The night will feature the creative work of DCC artists, including visual arts, graphic design, performing arts, videography, and more.

RSVP.  If you are already a member of the DCC Creatives Collective, you can RSVP at the event page here. If you have trouble getting to the event page, just email us at