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Dec 18

The Wonder of Christmas (and an invitation)

News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

Christmas has a way of becoming too familiar. So familiar, in fact, that we easily lose our sense of wonder around the very truths it is intended to point us to: God becoming man to seek and save the lost. It’s news that is so good that it is hard to believe. As Cyril of Alexandria noted a long time ago (378-444 AD):

“Indeed, the mystery of Christ runs the risk of being disbelieved precisely because it is so incredibly wonderful. For God was in humanity. He who was above all creation was in our human condition; the invisible one was made visible in the flesh; he who is from the heavens and from on high was in the likeness of earthly things; the immaterial one could be touched; he who is free in his own nature came in the form of a slave; he who blesses all creation became accursed; he who is all righteousness was numbered among transgressors; life itself came in the appearance of death [on the cross].“

The Christmas story is not merely an irrelevant story of ancient antiquity. It is our story; the story of the world. Its the story of God pursuing those He loves, becoming one of us in order to rescue us. It’s the story of redemption, hope, and salvation. It’s the story of fulfilled promises, changed lives, and amazing grace. Its the story that makes sense of, and gives purpose to, all of our individual stories. Cyril is right, all of this “runs the risk of being disbelieved precisely because it is so incredibly wonderful.” That’s what Christmas is about – this too-good-to-be-true news of Jesus. That is cause for wonder and celebration.

In light of that, I invite you to join us next Wednesday (24th) on Christmas Eve, at 5:00pm (AMC Pacific Place) to celebrate the first arrival of the Savior, God-come-in-the-flesh, and anticipate His return. We’ll sing, pray, and learn from the scriptures. We have a kids choir in the works, all parking will be validated and we’re conveniently located in a mall for your last minute shopping needs (!) The King has come – and is coming again.

Because the manger is full and the tomb is empty,
Pastor Adam