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Jun 24

New summer series starting this Sunday | Disciple: Living for Jesus

News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

DiscipleSlide_0615_620x130_NRC_fThis Sunday we will push pause on our study through the letter of James and kick-off a brief six-week summer sermon series called Disciple: Living for Jesus. Prior to his ascension, Jesus gave us a commission to “make disciples of all nations.” (Mt28:18-20) That means the mission of Jesus’ church, local and global, is to make disciples. Many of us are familiar with this. But, what is a disciple? What does it actually mean to be a disciple of Jesus? What difference should it make in our every day lives? How do we follow Jesus in a city that doesn’t? 

Over the next six weeks we will answer these questions and clear away common misconceptions about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We hope to make this very practical. We’ll begin by examining our union with Him and the new identity we receive by nature of being “in Christ”. Everything in the Christian life hinges on this union. From there, we will explore how our union with Him informs how we live together, live sent, as living sacrifices, with a living trust, within the context of a living church. It’s going to be a rich six weeks. Here’s the line-up:

06/28 In Christ: Living Union, Pastor Adam Sinnett

07/05 New People: Living Together, Deacon Edward Sumner

07/12 Missionary: Living Sent, Pastor David Parker

07/19 Servant: Living Sacrifices, Deacon Randy Lundy

07/26 Learner: Living Trust, Deacon Pierce Martin

08/02 In Context: Living Church, Pastor David Parker

I am really looking forward to seeing what Jesus has in store for us this summer, particularly through this series. My prayer is that Jesus would use this study to stir our affections for Him, invite us into deeper levels of trust in Him, and move us to align our lives around Him. Additionally, please join me in praying for these men who are already prayerfully preparing to serve you well. One of our hopes is to become a teaching hospital in order to train, develop and equip future pastors and church planters

Our story is one small part of His larger unfolding story and we get to participate. So come expectant, prayed-up and hungry to learn. We’ll jump back into James on Sunday, August 9th and finish up our study by summer’s end, just in time for the fall. Love you all. 

Enjoy Him, 

Pastor Adam