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Mar 8

(Re)Create Night | This Friday, March 15th!

Creative Arts | by Maddie Olling

Next Friday, we will be gathering for our first (RE)CREATE event of the year. The name (RE)CREATE highlights the multi-medium ways we as image-bearers (i.e. “re-creators”) reflect the artistic originality, ingenuity and beauty of our Creator God. In these nights, we want to explore the intersection of art and faith, the tensions of the creative process, and necessity of beauty in the Christian life, among many other topics. (RE)CREATE is not just for “creatives”. This is for everyone!


  • WHEN.  Friday, March 15th, 7pm-10pm
  • WHERE.  Downtown Cornerstone Church (MPR Downstairs)
  • WHAT.  The night will feature the creative work of DCC artists, including visual arts, graphic design, performing arts, videography, and more.
  • RSVP.  If you are already a member of the DCC Creatives Collective, you can RSVP at the event page here. If you have trouble getting to the event page, just email us at

Our hopes are that you would:

#1 Be inspired in deeper worship of God through the exploration of beauty and theology.

Everything that’s beautiful was made from, through, and for Jesus. He is the ultimate originalist. So every opportunity we have to engage in creative work, is an opportunity to worship our Creator!

#2 Forge new friendships and support fellow creatives seeking to honor Christ in their artistic endeavors.

Not only will we feature creative work, we’ll leave plenty of space to hang out, enjoy good food, mix and mingle, laugh and make new friends. Whether you’re new to DCC or a long-timer, this is a night to relax and enjoy each other, as we support the arts and creatives within our church.

#3 Expand your awareness of how the gospel shapes our view of the arts, vocation, and culture-making.

The gospel uniquely explains the paradox of beauty and brokenness we see in the world. How then can Christians be “salt and light” through art and vocation? We’ll seek to unpack that more, and the dynamics of being a faithful presence in a post-Christian world.

#4 Be stirred in your own creative gifts, ideas, and ambitions.

Original creative projects. Fresh takes. Insights and pro tips. Our hope is that these times would be richly inspiring and equipping, to help each of us utilize the creativity that God has placed in each of us. Now to just explore and enjoy it for His glory!

We hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be a great night!

For the beauty of the church,
Pastor Randy


Please contact us at if have any questions or you’re interested in sharing your work at a future event. If you’d like more information, visit