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Oct 4

God at Work Among Us | Summer BBQ Recap

Baptism, Summer BBQ

On August 25th, we gathered for our eighth annual BBQ and Baptisms at Myrtle Edwards Park. Through hazy smoke, windy rain, and cooler temperatures, we rejoiced with ten image bearers of God as they shared stories of Jesus’ radical grace in their lives through baptism! What a picture of God’s amazing mercy and handiwork in saving people from varying backgrounds, childhoods, sins, and world views. He is mighty to save and no one is too far out of His reach!

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear. – Isaiah 59:1

Let’s be faithful in praying for more of this life-transforming work in our city, our workplaces, and our spheres of influence!

Below are some snapshots and quotes from the day:

“My story, like every Christian’s, is one of God’s gracious and unmerited kindness meeting me in a place of deep need.” – Robby

“Everything that I thought I could find in life apart from God, only led to more brokenness. But God was at work!” – Derek

“After many years with a hardness of heart, I was not interested in attending church or reading scripture. I really didn’t think I needed a savior, let alone faith. But, Jesus had other plans for me.” – Giliane

“Seeing I was helpless to fix my sin, I finally understood why the only solution would be if God fixed the problem for me. He knew I would never and could never make myself righteous.” – Andrew

“Last May I lost my job…an event that would have absolutely crushed the old me. Instead of having an identity crisis, God replaced some of the emotions surrounding job loss with sheer, unapologetic joy in Jesus Christ.” – Hailey 

“God isn’t distant and detached to us. He not only cares about our sufferings, but He knows them exactly.” – Sophia

“I was welcomed by the body of the church, something that I had not seen or felt before. The light of Christ was shining in these people and I knew it was not shining in me.” – Charlie

“I began to learn of the grace and love He has for me, when I least deserve it. I realized that although I was born into a Christian home, I had not truly given my life to Jesus.” – Manasseh

“I can’t thank Jesus enough that His once-and-for-all sacrifice is more than enough to cover my iniquity and abominations against The Father. He saved me and forgave me because He loves me and He wanted to.” – Crystal

“Today I’m being baptized because I want all to know that Jesus is my savior and my foundation. He is the Truth, The Way and the Life.” – Andre