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Jan 29

Greatness in the Kingdom

Media, Sermon on the Mount, Sermons | by James Rayment

Sermon on the Mount

This week in Matthew 5:17-20, we continue our series through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. These important words of Jesus reveal the counter-cultural nature and character of the kingdom of God. They are meant to help us live as citizens of God’s kingdom now, under his gracious rule, even while we yet remain in the kingdom of the world.

Audio | Notes | Matthew 5:17-20
Aug 15

The Reason the Son of God Appeared

1 John, Media, Sermons | by James Rayment

1 John

At the half way point of his letter, 1 John 3:4-10, John paints a picture of Jesus’ power in ending the central confict of history. Not only did He defeat the devil, but He is actively at work destroying sin in our lives. On this backdrop, John shows us the profound effect God’s adoption of us has and tells us the marks of the children of God and how to tell them apart from the children of the devil.

Audio | Notes | 1 John 3:4-10