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Sep 24

An Undivided Heart For God

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We all experience the tension of priorities. School, family, career, hobbies, relationships – so many things to balance and juggle. And where does God actually fit into all this? The affections of our heart dictate the priorities of our lives and the hope of our soul. We dig into the life of David this morning to answer the primary question – how can we begin to cultivate undivided hearts for God? The answer is in surrender.

Audio | Notes | Acts 13:16-23
Jun 5

Thirsting for God

Media, Psalms: Songs for Life, Sermons | by Pastor Randy Lundy

Psalms: Songs for Life

This week, we will consider the major themes of Psalm 63 and what it means to thirst after God with a soul-engaging, life-shaping worship and delight. There is a thirst in every person that only God can fill and satisfy. It’s as we drink more deeply of who God is that we begin to experience life as it was intended to be – in joy, in delight, and in worship!

Audio | Notes | Psalm 63
May 30

My Soul Waits for God Alone

Media, Psalms: Songs for Life, Sermons | by Pastor Randy Lundy

Psalms: Songs for Life

We are half way through our 10-week study through the Psalms – one of the most beloved books of the Bible. The Psalms teach us to pray, to sing, and revel in the majesty of God. This morning we will be asking the questions: where do we look for ultimate hope and security in life? How is God a better and stronger hope than anything else we find in the world? How can we then respond to him in full hearted trust and worship?

Audio | Notes | Psalm 62
Jul 19

Servants: Living Sacrifices

Disciple: Living For Jesus, Media, Sermons | by Pastor Randy Lundy

Disciple: Living For Jesus

This morning we are continuing our six-week summer series called Disciple: Living for Jesus. Our ongoing hope in this series is to provide some theological handles for understanding who we are 'in Christ' and some practical applications for living in light of that. Last week we looked at what it means to be a sent people here in Seattle, and today, we will continue our study and consider how the gospel compels us to serve others for the glory of Christ as living sacrifices.

Audio | Romans 12:1