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On the heels of volunteering on July 20th, we are partnering with Dunlap Elementary School again by hosting a Back to School Drive through September 1st!

Why are we serving in this way?

  • On September 4th, Dunlap Elementary will start a new school year. Many students will show up on the first day of class with little or no school supplies.
  • Dunlap Elementary is one of the most culturally diverse and impoverished elementary schools in our region, serving subsidized or free lunches for over 85% of the students.

  • As a church, we believe that we’ve been infinitely loved and served by God, through the person and work of Jesus. Because of that, we believe that the good news of the Gospel is not only shared in word, but demonstrated in deed. Serving is not just “giving back” but a tangible expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – serving as we’ve been served, in Christ.

What supplies are needed?

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Glue sticks (8)
Sturdy 2 pocket folders (30)
One subject wide ruled spiral notebooks -70 sheet pack (0)
Boxes of Kleenex tissues (48)
12 pack of #2 pencils (0)
Plastic cans of disinfecting wipes (42)
Box of 24 Crayola crayons (0)
Composition notebook (10)
Post-It sticky notes (27)
Pump size bottle of hand sanitizer (32)
Pencil box (22)
Pair of Fiskar scissors (11)
Small bottle of Elmers glue (4)
Pack of erasers for end of pencils (8)
Box of colored pencils (10)
Pack of blue ball point pens (7)
Pencil pouch (10)
Pink Pearl eraser (51)
1 inch standard 3 ring binder (6)
1.5 inch standard 3 ring binder (13)
Calculator (10)
Pencil sharpener (0)
Box of 16 Crayola crayons (0)
Pack of highlighters (2)
Ream of college ruled notebook paper (0)
Ream of wide ruled notebook paper (2)
Set of 5 index dividers (0)
Backpack (no wheels) (6)
ruler (with cm and inches) (0)
Compass for constructing circles (2)
Protractor for measuring angles (10)
Set of white board markers (4)
Bottle of correction fluid (white out) (10)
Roll of paper towels (0)

Who can donate?


Can I give more than the amount listed?

Of course! The listed items are the bare essentials. Feel free to bring additional items. Please keep in mind that we want to at least match everything on the list. If 25 packs of pencils have been donated, but no spiral notebooks, go for the items still needed before giving more of what we already have.

Should I wrap the donations? Or split them into packs for each student?

Please do not wrap donations or take them out of the original packaging. While you might want to make goodie bags for each student, we are actually creating a store of supplies for the teachers. Knowing the most need, they will be able to divvy out the supplies as needed by the students.

Where can I find out what is still needed?

The needed items are listed above on this page. The list will be updated regularly to reflect what has been donated.

Where do I bring the donated supplies?

You can drop off supplies in the designated barrel at our church gatherings on Sundays.

How long will the drive run?

September 1st is the last Sunday to drop off the supplies. We encourage you to bring in supplies as early as possible, that way we’ll have an accurate list of what items are still needed.


Email for any additional questions!