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DCC’s Benevolence Fund exists to provide financial aid to individuals in urgent need of short-term support. These funds are available to DCC members and regular attenders during a period of unexpected hardship (for example, loss of job, medical expenses) that results in specific, short-term needs. We are unable to consider requests for long-term assistance.

Benevolence funds that are dispersed on behalf of an individual will be granted as a gift and repayment is not expected. However, if you desire to give to DCC at a later time, please give directly to the general fund.

As resources are limited, please note the following criteria that DCC uses in considering benevolence fund distributions:

  • Members and those participating regularly and meaningfully with DCC and in a Cornerstone Community will be given priority consideration, however, all requests will be prayerfully considered by DCC leadership.
  • We do not issue payment(s) to an individual, but to other companies, organizations, and entities, to pay bills directly.
  • We typically only disburse funds for individuals who do not have any resources in savings and are unable to cover expenses themselves.
  • Lastly (and often before dispersing benevolence funds), we ask that folks seek out and apply for the following forms of assistance offered by our government, health organizations, etc. (dial 2-1-1 to learn more):


    1. Complete the Benevolence Request Form below.
      The below form must be filled out completely for all requests.  Note that incomplete forms cannot be considered for review. Information provided in the form will be kept confidential and will only be shared with church leader(s) where needed.
    2. The request will be reviewed by necessary leaders. Someone may follow up with you to ask additional questions as needed.
    3. You will be notified of the decision by email or phone within 2 weeks.