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Why have Biblical Care?

It is one of our highest honors to care for those who have locked arms with us as church members and for those who consider Downtown Cornerstone Church their home. We want to walk alongside you through the joys and hardships of life. We believe God is the God of all comfort who cares for us through our relationship with Jesus Christ, by God’s Spirit, with God’s people, and according to God’s Word.

We have worked hard to foster a culture of discipleship, where members naturally care for other members through Word, prayer and good deeds (Gal. 6:2). In a fallen world, we expect things to go wrong, and to that end, we often need help from others to sort things out.

What Biblical Care means to us

The type of counseling we do is referred to as “biblical care” or “biblical counseling”. Our goal is to build from the Bible a model and method to wisely help people in their problems. Our biblical care is shaped by a Christ-centered view of human life as found in the Scriptures, which takes seriously the spiritual, physical, social, and developmental nature of our difficulties. We believe that people can be healed, strengthened, and built up as they grow in their understanding of the gospel and in their relationship with Christ.

Our Guiding Theology for Biblical Care document provides more detail concerning our thinking on biblical care and counseling.

What to expect

For all those seeking biblical care: we cannot guarantee long-term care, but do commit to meet with you at least once to help assess your need and think through wise and helpful “next steps”. It is our policy to not meet together with a person or couple more than four times unless the situation dictates the need for more time together.

Next Steps

If you are interested in requesting care, please begin by filling out our confidential Care Request Form below.