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Aug 20

An Invite to Our 9th Annual Summer Barbecue and Baptism

Baptism, Event, News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

This coming Saturday, August 24th, we will be hosting our ninth Summer barbecue and baptism at Myrtle Edwards Park, from 10am-1pm, on the Seattle waterfront–and you’re invited.

This is a unique annual event in the life of our church where we gather to enjoy God’s common grace through a summer barbecue and God’s saving grace through baptism.

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Connect outside of our Sunday gathering rhythm.
  • Make new friends and reconnect with old ones.
  • Invite family, neighbors, and coworkers to hear the gospel.
  • Extend generosity by bringing something to share.
  • Steward your grilling techniques you’ve been mastering all summer
  • Revel in the ongoing saving grace of Jesus at work among us

We are holding this event on a Saturday so that as many of us as possible are able to join in on the celebration. We encourage you to make an afternoon of it. Bring your lawn chair or blanket—and maybe one to share. Break out your favorite lawn game. Dust off your frisbee. Come prepared to enjoy God’s creation and God’s people.

Parents, we’ll also have plenty of activities for the kids, including bouncy houses, face painting, giant bubbles, and more.

“What is the schedule?”
10:00 am: Mingling and activities
11:00 am: Baptisms***
12:00 pm: Food and fellowship

***Be sure to note that the baptisms will take place before the food this year, so please plan accordingly.

“What can I bring?”
DCC will provide the staples but, if you are able, we invite you to bring a dish to share. You can sign-up to bring something HERE.

“How can I help?”
An event like this requires all-hand-on-deck, from greeting to grilling, from set-up and tear-down. You can sign-up to help HERE. Also, if you currently serve with Cornerstone Kids (with a background check), there are still various shifts to be covered for our kids activities. To help, please sign-up HERE.

Let’s pray for those getting baptized—and for the weather to hold!

See you all on Saturday, Lord willing.

Christ is all,
Pastor Adam

Oct 4

God at Work Among Us | Summer BBQ Recap

Baptism, Summer BBQ

On August 25th, we gathered for our eighth annual BBQ and Baptisms at Myrtle Edwards Park. Through hazy smoke, windy rain, and cooler temperatures, we rejoiced with ten image bearers of God as they shared stories of Jesus’ radical grace in their lives through baptism! What a picture of God’s amazing mercy and handiwork in saving people from varying backgrounds, childhoods, sins, and world views. He is mighty to save and no one is too far out of His reach!

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear. – Isaiah 59:1

Let’s be faithful in praying for more of this life-transforming work in our city, our workplaces, and our spheres of influence!

Below are some snapshots and quotes from the day:

“My story, like every Christian’s, is one of God’s gracious and unmerited kindness meeting me in a place of deep need.” – Robby

“Everything that I thought I could find in life apart from God, only led to more brokenness. But God was at work!” – Derek

“After many years with a hardness of heart, I was not interested in attending church or reading scripture. I really didn’t think I needed a savior, let alone faith. But, Jesus had other plans for me.” – Giliane

“Seeing I was helpless to fix my sin, I finally understood why the only solution would be if God fixed the problem for me. He knew I would never and could never make myself righteous.” – Andrew

“Last May I lost my job…an event that would have absolutely crushed the old me. Instead of having an identity crisis, God replaced some of the emotions surrounding job loss with sheer, unapologetic joy in Jesus Christ.” – Hailey 

“God isn’t distant and detached to us. He not only cares about our sufferings, but He knows them exactly.” – Sophia

“I was welcomed by the body of the church, something that I had not seen or felt before. The light of Christ was shining in these people and I knew it was not shining in me.” – Charlie

“I began to learn of the grace and love He has for me, when I least deserve it. I realized that although I was born into a Christian home, I had not truly given my life to Jesus.” – Manasseh

“I can’t thank Jesus enough that His once-and-for-all sacrifice is more than enough to cover my iniquity and abominations against The Father. He saved me and forgave me because He loves me and He wanted to.” – Crystal

“Today I’m being baptized because I want all to know that Jesus is my savior and my foundation. He is the Truth, The Way and the Life.” – Andre

Aug 22

An Invite to Our 8th Annual Summer BBQ

Baptism, Event, News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

This coming Saturday, August 25th, DCC will be hosting its eighth Summer BBQ & Baptism at Myrtle Edwards Park, from 11am-2pm, on the Seattle waterfront. We invite you to join us. 

This is a unique annual event in the life of our church where the entire church gathers to enjoy God’s common grace in a summer barbecue and God’s saving grace in baptism. 

This is a great opportunity to: 

• Connect outside of our Sunday gathering rhythm
• Make new friends and reconnect with old ones
• Invite family, neighbors, and coworkers to hear the gospel
• Use your culinary skills, or simple generosity, to bring something to share
• Steward your grilling techniques that you’ve been mastering all summer
• Revel in the ongoing saving grace of Jesus at work among us

In the past, we’ve held these barbecues on a weeknight. We’re not opposed to that. However, we discovered that with work, traffic, parking, family schedules, high tides, and racing sunsets it could help to shift this event to a weekend. 

That said, this is the first year that we’ve held this event on a Saturday afternoon. Therefore, we hope even more of you will be able to join in the celebration. We encourage you to make a long afternoon of it. Bring your lawn chair or blanket—and maybe one to share. Break out your favorite lawn game. Dust off your frisbees. Come prepared to enjoy God’s creation and God’s people. 

Parents, we’ll also have plenty of activities for the kids, including bouncy houses, face painting, giant bubbles, and more. 

“What is the schedule?” 

11:00am Mingling 
12:00pm BBQ lunch
1:00pm Baptisms 
2:00pm Mingling

“What can I bring?” DCC will provide the staples but, if you are able, we invite you to bring a dish to share. You can sign-up to bring something here

“How can I help?” As you can imagine, an event like this requires all-hand-on-deck, from greeting to grilling, from set-up and tear-down. You can sign-up to help here

See you all on Saturday, Lord willing!

Christ is all,
Pastor Adam

May 10

Easter Testimonies and Photos

Baptism, Easter, Good Friday, Photos

On April 1st, we worshipped as a family of 1100 across four gatherings to celebrate Easter and all that Christ accomplished through his miraculous resurrection. We sang, prayed, worshipped through the preached word, and rejoiced with the Lord’s supper. Plus, twelve individuals shared their testimonies of God’s astounding grace in their lives through baptism. Below are some snapshots and quotes from the day:

“Through the Holy Spirit now dwelling in me I could actually feel his love for the first time and love Him in return.” – Chris 

“My life is now Jesus’. He gave a sinner like me knowledge, strength, and patience, more than I ever deserve.” – John 

“Because my sins are washed away through the blood of Jesus, I now see that I have unparalleled freedom and purpose.” – Katrina 

“I went to God offering nothing, I was a sinner who had been placing all of my identity and happiness in things other than God. I came to understand that Christ does the saving, not me or anything I do.”  – Ashley 

“The burdens I was carrying were not mine to carry. He had already carried those to the cross for me.” – Sharon 

“I have a Savior who knows me by name…in Jesus alone I have hope.” – Ryan

“Jesus met me in the middle of all my confusion.”- Arnita 

“I was just trying to prove myself to others, myself, and ultimately God. I always thought I had to contribute to earn my standing before God.” – Gigi

“No matter how many things I try to control, my life lies in the hands of the Creator.” – Roderick 

“Through Jesus’ work on the cross, I am blessed by His grace each and every day. While I still experience life’s struggles, I am able to live a life of peace and joy in His presence.” – Chiedza

“I realized that there’s no amount of sin or shame that could keep me from the love of God.” – Rachel

“Christianity is about a personal relationship with God made possible by grace through Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection, not my own works or accomplishments.” – Jason


Praise Him for He is risen!

Aug 21

Beach, Burgers, and Baptisms this Thursday @ Myrtle Edwards!

Baptism, City Life, Event | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers [and sisters] dwell in unity!”
– Psalm 133:1

DCC family,

This Thursday, August 24th, we are gathering together at the beautiful Myrtle Edwards Park from 6:00-8:30pm for our annual summer barbecue and baptisms. We hope you can join us! Meat will be on the grill. The Olympics will be out. Music will be playing. Lord willing, the weather will hold. There will be activities for kids. You’ll make new friends. There will be a brief gospel message and we’ll be celebrating three baptisms! It’s going to be a great evening spent reveling in the beauty of our city, God’s glorious creation, and the reality of Jesus who continues to change lives. I don’t like hype, but you really don’t want to miss it. Come early. Adjust your work schedule. Carpool with others. If you don’t know anyone, this is a great opportunity to change that. Do what you can to join us for this special time. Since we gather across two gatherings on Sunday, we don’t have many opportunities to be together at the same time—this is one of them. We currently have 150 RSVP’ed. We’d love to see that doubled. We hope you can make it. If you have any questions, just let us know. See you Thursday evening!

Thursday, August 24, 6:00pm-8:30pm

Myrtle Edwards Park, 3130 Alaskan Way. We’ll gather in the field nearest to the beach (map below). Street parking is pay until 8 pm at $1.50/hr available along Western Ave, Elliott Ave, and Alaskan Way.

DCC will provide hot dogs and burgers, condiments, buns, chips, beverages, and paper products. If you’re planning on joining, please sign up for a side dish, burger topping, or dessert below.

You can RSVP, sign-up to bring a dish to share, and volunteer to serve here (we still need help!).

Christ is all, 
Pastor Adam

P.S. Be praying for those who will be sharing their testimonies and getting baptized. Specifically, ask Jesus to use their stories to draw others to a saving relationship with him.

Aug 1

Stories of Grace | Reinvention

Baptism, Discipleship, Stories of Grace | by Laura West

“The Stories of Grace series is intended to capture snapshots of God’s grace and glory amidst our every day lives. They are real stories of real people who have seen the fingerprints of God amidst the ordinary—God’s favorite canvas. Each story is personal, unique and, often, unfinished. Through it all we get glimpses of God’s steadfast love, sufficient grace, and ongoing presence with his people.” 

Last Sunday I walked down to Myrtle Edwards Park, dipped my toes into the Sound, and reflected on dramatic marks of God’s grace in my life. 

I grew up in a small, southern town where churches outnumbered grocery stores; where faith was assumed, yet the implications of a life marked by faith were murky. At best, I understood God to be some cross between a genie and a judge. I wanted a protected life, so over and over I asked for faith but never felt the blanket of warmth I imagined must signify security with God. Eventually I rejected the God who I felt had rejected me. 

As an adult, I was successful by all the world’s standards. I had done well in school, had multiple jobs with serious career potential, spent my money wisely, surrounded myself with friends, and looked happy. But the truth was that my life was filled with sin and desperation as I pieced together my identity with whatever others would give me. I decided that I needed to escape, to reinvent myself and start over. 

Completely out of my cautious character, I booked a spontaneous vacation to Seattle. Looking back, this was the first sign of God actively and physically pulling me to Him.  That week, I fell in love with this city and the promise of a new life.  

I imagined that my life in Seattle would be anything I wanted to create it to be. I didn’t imagine that my old scars would be so hard to hide. That the same haunting feeling of discontent could return so quickly. 

But God.

God had other plans for my reinvention. Against all odds, He drew me to a church where again I was confronted with a bitter desire for faith. I wanted to believe, but there were too many unanswered questions. Again and again, He stripped away my meager attempts at self-reinvention and slowly but surely did His great work in me. Jesus so sweetly rescued me, patiently pulling me along while I looked everywhere but at Him.  

I was drawn to Seattle with the promise of a new life – I had no idea that the promise that drew me here was one of eternal life. That my reinvention would be more than a new job in a new city, but a new identity as a daughter of the King.

Sunday marks six years since I walked into the cold, salty water of the Sound, declared my new identity in Christ, and was baptized looking at this city that I love so dearly. Every time I gaze out over those waters, I remember my own unlikely story of redemption and the incredible stories of so many others who have returned, shivering and alive, to that pebbly shore. 

Like me, they had moments of self-reflection and found themselves lacking. Like me, they saw dissatisfaction rippling through their lives. We all need reinvention beyond a new job, a new city, new clothes, or new hobbies. We need more than another attempt at escape. We need God to intervene and rescue us from our failed fresh starts – we need new life in Him. We need Jesus to make us new.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

On August 24th, I’d encourage you to join us at Myrtle Edwards Park to celebrate the beauty of summer and, Lord-willing, in the glory of the gospel in baptisms. I’ll be there chowing on hot dogs, enjoying the company of friends, and smiling into the sparkling waters of the Sound.

To God be the glory!  

Laura West, DCC Member

If you are a member with DCC and have a story of grace to share please email

Sep 15

2016 BBQ & Baptisms | Recap Video and Photos

Baptism, Event

On September 1st, we gathered for our sixth annual BBQ and Baptisms where four people shared their testimonies of God’s radical grace in their lives and were baptized! Though the rain moved the event from the park to DCC’s Building, the weather didn’t dampen our celebration – we grilled out in the parking lot and picnicked on the Auditorium floor. Below are some snapshots and quotes from the evening:

I believe that Jesus was God’s son who lived a perfect life and died on the cross to take the wrath of God I deserve for my sin and bring me into relationship with God.” – Conrad

“I now know that my identity doesn’t depend on how successful or how smart I am, my true identity lies in Jesus Christ.” – Colin

“Because of what God has done, I don’t worry like I used to, there’s this natural feeling that I’m going to be ok, Jesus has it covered.” – Matthew

“Through Jesus Christ, God has brought me from death to life and has adopted me as His own.” – Jen


Special thanks to all the communities and volunteers who provided food, came early to set up, and stayed late!

Aug 31

BBQ & Baptisms Moved to DCC’s Building!

Baptism, Event

The location of BBQ & Baptisms has been moved to DCC’s Building due to forecasted rain for the afternoon and evening!

The weather won’t dampen this party – we will still be grilling out, celebrating baptisms, and enjoying time together as a church family. Bring your blankets and appetites – we will be “picnicking” in the Auditorium!

Parking: We’ve reserved the lots next to the building starting at 5:30pm. Street parking in the area is pay until 8 pm at $1.50/hr. Validation is not available for the Art Institute Garage.

Aug 30

BBQ & Baptisms This Thursday!

Baptism, Event | by Pastor David Parker


It’s hard to believe we’re already knocking on the doors of September, but in just two days we’re going to be celebrating God’s grace to us through our end of summer BBQ and Baptisms event! As I’ve been praying and looking forward to this Thursday, I wanted to send out one last pastoral note and invitation.

Join us

We don’t often get many opportunities to be one church, in one place, all meeting together, but this Thursday at 6:00pm we’re going to have that opportunity as we gather down at Myrtle Edwards Park for our 6th annual BBQ and Baptisms. It is going to be a great night in spite of whatever weather we have (more on that below) and I hope you’ll be there to join in the celebration.

The grills will be hot and we’ll begin serving food at 6pm. There is no need to bring anything other than your friends and your appetite (Unless you’re part of a Cornerstone Community that is bringing food to share). Around 7:00pm I will share a brief gospel word which will be immediately followed by testimonies and baptisms.

Why are baptisms such a big deal?

Each baptism is far more than a person getting wet, but a story, a testimony of a person being united with Christ in His death and resurrection, and being transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Gods beloved son (Col 1:13). So, no matter how long you have followed Jesus do not lose sight of the significance, beauty, and dramatic truth portrayed in baptism. It is a picture of passing through the waters of judgment to safety, through Jesus. It is a picture of leaving behind our old self, our old ways of life and eternity without God, through Jesus. It is a picture of rising to new life, a new family, and a new future with God, through Jesus. It is a picture of having all of our sin, guilt and shame washed away, through Jesus. Every time we get to celebrate a baptism, it’s a reminder that God is at work, saving, redeeming, and sanctifying his children — and that is why baptism is such a big deal, and what we are going to celebrate this Thursday!

Be praying and see you there!

Will you join me in praying for those sharing their testimonies and getting baptized later this week? Join us on Thursday, not only to support those getting baptized, but for the good of your own soul – and those you invite.

A note about the weather

The forecast has fluctuated over the last few days. Currently, they are calling for some showers on Thursday, but as of this morning that chance is now down to 20%. The plan right now is to move forward with our plans at Myrtle Edwards, but in the event it’s looking like more than a brief shower and more of a steady rain, we’ll move our celebration to the church’s building. If you don’t hear any more updates from us, we’ll see you all at the park, otherwise we’ll push out some more communication Thursday morning if it looks like we need to move indoors.

For the glory of our King,
Pastor David

Aug 5

Pastoral Invite: BBQ & Baptisms!

Baptism, Event, News | by Pastor Randy Lundy


Mark your calendars – our 6th annual celebration of BBQ & Baptisms is less than a month away! You are invited to join us on Thursday, Sept 1st, as we celebrate the redemptive stories of those who will be baptized in the name of Jesus, our Savior and our King! It’s going to be awesome.

On behalf of all the pastors and leaders, I want to personally encourage all of us to make this night the crescendo, the climax, the highlight of our summer! What could Jesus do through literally hundreds of people coming together to celebrate the gospel through physical baptisms and testimonies telling of the immeasurable worth and greatness of our Jesus – all smack-dab in the middle of Seattle’s most heavily-trafficked, stunning waterfront park? We’re praying BIG. Please join us.


The short answer – because Jesus wants all Christians to be baptized (Matt 28:19).

But it’s more than that. Baptism is one of the primary means by which we experience our new life in Christ. In baptism we physically identify with Jesus in his death (being immersed under water) and his resurrection to new life (being brought out of the water) for the forgiveness of sin (Rom 6:1-10; Col 2:12). It is an outward symbolic act that demonstrates the inward reality of what God has accomplished on the cross through His Son. In so doing, we are identifying ourselves with Jesus (Acts 10:48; Rom 6:3; Gal 3:27), the universal church (1 Cor 12:13), and the local church (Acts 2:41). It’s about getting dunked, yes. Following Jesus’ command, yes. But more than that? Oh YES! The gospel realities in play in baptism are almost impossible to overstate.


#1 We need to pray. For baptisms, for relational encounters, for providential conversations, for spiritual fruitfulness. For there to be an over-abundance of food, laughter, and fun. Jesus reminds us that “we do not have, because we do not ask” (Matt 7:7, Ja 4:2). Let’s ask him for everything that would make this night special and memorable.

#2 If you have not been baptized, this night is for you! Believe me, it’s awesome. And your step of faith will bring joy and fruit in ways you can’t even anticipate – in your life, in the life of our church, and the city that we love. Join us for the class this Sunday to learn more about getting baptized (more info below).

#3 If you would like to serve the church by helping with set up, tear down, or grilling for this event please sign up for a role here! Use your time or resources to serve Jesus and the church in this way, and make it something especially delicious and fun, just because you can. And just because Jesus is that good.

#4 Invite friends, coworkers, neighbors, carpool buddies, everyone you can think of! Spread the word, and let people know something’s really going down at Myrtle Edwards on Sept 1. The website is updated with the most current information, so you can direct people there as you’re extending the invitation to others.

#5 Finally, come worshipful and anticipating a spiritual and physical feast together. We are a family, and God is our Father. He loves to give good gifts to his kids (Matt 7:11). Let’s come anticipating a feast of his goodness together – in truth, in grace, in friendship. And lots and lots of ground beef and hotdogs. It’s grace upon grace, my friends.


We will be holding a Baptism Class this Sunday between the first and second gatherings (10:30-11:15am). If you have not been baptized as a follower of Jesus, please come and attend, learn more, and consider this step of faith and obedience to Jesus in your life. We’ll meet in the MPR room downstairs. This class is required for anyone who would like to be baptized at BBQ & Baptisms on Sept 1st.

[Update] If you are interested in being baptized or learning more, you can read more and sign up here! And as always, please feel free to email us at if you need any additional information or have any questions.


Sept 1st. Myrtle Edwards Park. It’s happening. Let’s come ready to enjoy one another, enjoy Jesus’ grace, and enjoy this beautiful city that he’s given to us. See you at BBQ & Baptisms, friends!

All grace,
Pastor Randy