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Spring ’21 Classes

Registration for our Spring Classes is now open!

The purpose of offering classes is not to create big heads, but big hearts. However, the way to our hearts is through our heads (Rom. 12:2). Spirit-filled thinking about God results in Spirit-filled feeling for God. After all, to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34:8) we must know who this Lord is and exactly why he is good.

Most classes will meet for 75-90 minutes over five sessions and will be taught either by pastors, staff, or other leaders. In light of Covid-19, we are offering these classes virtually via video call where you will be live with a pastor or class teacher.

If you are new with DCC, we would encourage you to start with the Foundations Class. This class is meant to be the first stop for folks seeking to dive in and learn about the nuts and bolts of our church, join a Cornerstone Community, be baptized, and become a member. By the end of it, you’ll have clear next steps for how to grow and get further connected.

This spring, we are offering five classes over two five-week sessions and one class over a ten-week session.

To see the list of all the classes and tracks we will be offering this year, please refer to our brochure.

Download Brochure (2020-21)


DCC Foundations | Wednesdays @ 6:30-8:00 PM | May 19 – June 16
Instructors: DCC Elders
Our Foundations class is the first stop for folks seeking to learn more about DCC, join a Cornerstone Community, be baptized, and become a member. This five-week class walks through what we believe (doctrine), why it’s important to belong (membership), who we are (vision, mission, and values), why we are here (context), and how we live together (leadership, ministries, partners, and finances). By the end, you’ll have clear next steps for how to grow and get further connected. ***This class is required for membership with DCC.***  **This round of the class is being offered both in-person at the building and virtually via video call.** **Registration is now closed**

Parenting | Wednesdays @ 6:30-8:00 PM | May 19 – June 16
Instructors: Pastor Adam Sinnett, Pastor Luke Davis
Often we joke that parenting doesn’t come with a training manual—but actually it does. God’s Word gives parents much foundational instruction for the hard and noble task of raising children. In this 5-week class, we will explore some of the important building blocks for Christian parents as they seek to raise children who will love, trust, and treasure Jesus. The hope is to have rich teaching times punctuated with times of discussion and Q&A. **Registration is now closed**

Church History | Wednesdays @ 6:30-8:00 PM | April 14 – June 16 (10-week class)
Instructors: Kyle Dunn (DCC member, staff), Hemant Nelaparthi (DCC member)
Have you ever wondered how the church got to where it is now? This 10-week class will walk through an overview of the history of the Church. Teachings will cover prominent figures, key events, and important movements from earliest days of the Church in Jerusalem to today in Seattle. **Registration is now closed**


Q: How are we going to meet for classes in light of Covid-19?

We are offering these classes virtually via video call where you will be live with a pastor or class teacher. Meeting links will be posted closer to the class start date. We will continue to evaluate our meeting options as circumstances surrounding Covid-19 change.

Q: Where should I begin if I am brand new? 

Welcome! We encourage you to jump into the Foundations class.

Q: Do I need to take “Foundations” before taking other classes? 

That would be our recommendation. Foundations is a soft-pre-requisite. Will we stop you from taking other classes? Of course not. But, we want you to know more about us as a church before digging in too deep, so Foundations makes the most sense as your first stop. 

Q: Will the classes require homework? 

There will be no homework required in order to eliminate any potential barrier to participation. However, most classes will offer some form of optional reading and/or writing to process what you are learning.

Q: Can I still sign-up if I know I will miss a class or two? 

Yes, please do. While we encourage you to prioritize your schedule around the class you take, in order to maximize your learning, we understand there will be conflicts. Please register and join as you are able. 

Q: Can I jump into a class if I don’t register? 

If you plan on taking a class, we highly encourage you to register. But, if you were not able to register, do not let that stop you from participating. Join the next class and let the instructor know.

Q: Should I participate in a community or take a class?

Our answer to that would depend on your particular situation. Are you new? Join Foundations. Have you been on the fringes and are now looking to get more involved? Again, Foundations is for you. Are you involved in a community yet desire to take a class? Our first recommendation would be to do both if your schedule permits (after all, most classes are only five weeks). But, if you can only do one, and really desire to take a particular class, then feel free to take a temporary hiatus from community. Or, your community may decide to take a class together. There are lots of options.

If you have any other questions, please email