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The Connect Group is an introductory, short-term group primarily for those who are new with DCC. In a Connect Group you will meet new people, learn about biblical community, have Bible-based discussion, pray together, and explore ways to develop meaningful relationships for yourself and your family. The primary purposes of a Connect Group are…

  • Belong. Providing a place for new people to begin to build meaningful relationships for the purpose of discipleship.
  • Discover. Laying a foundational understanding and giving participants a hands-on taste of biblical community.
  • Grow. Providing encouragement and steps for connection into a long-term Cornerstone Community.


A new Connect Group will launch regularly and run for 3 weeks; meeting in the DCC multi-purpose room on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm. The next group begins on Wednesday, May 2.  

6:15-6:45 | Gather & Fellowship — a time for informal connecting and making new friends (over coffee and snacks of course!)

6:45-7:00 | Welcome & Introductions — an intentional time to meet those who have gathered; sharing some simple information about yourself.

7:00-7:30 | Equipping — a lesson from Foundations for Biblical Community that will help equip you as members of Cornerstone Communities moving forward.

7:30-8:00 | Discussion — very similar to what we do in our Cornerstone Communities: a discussion focused on a Biblical text related to the lesson, with the goal of discovering together how God’s truth intersects with our personal lives.

8:00- 8:15 | Prayer — together coming before God’s throne of grace: praising him and praying for one another.

8:15-8:30 | Next Steps — a closing time to evaluate potential long-term connecting possibilities.


Should I plan to attend all three meetings of a Connect Group?
Yes. Ideally, you’ll be able to join as much of the Connect Group as possible.

What if I can’t make any of the Connect Group sessions in May?
Visit the Connect Desk on Sundays or email to explore other ways of getting connected to the life of our body! 

Can I join the Connect Group once it has already started?
No. If you’ve already signed-up in the middle of a group or between groups, we’ll invite you to join the next Connect Group which will be starting shortly thereafter. 

What is the content for the Connect Group?
We will walk through the Foundations for Biblical Community curriculum, which includes: DCC 101; Biblical Foundations for Community; Knowing & Being Known in Community; Making Disciples in Community; Grace-Filled Community; Enjoying Life Together in Community; Community Leadership; Community Mission & Multiplication

Who will lead the Connect Group?
The Director for Communities & Mercy will oversee the Connect Group, under the supervision of a DCC elder. Those who teach lessons will be either elders or men in the elder development process. Those who lead discussions will be current community leaders and apprentice leaders.

Is childcare available?
We will launch the initial Connect Group without Cornerstone Kids, but seek to make it as child-friendly as we can. We will have a designated play area for younger kids (in the same room with us), and older kids are welcome to be involved in the Connect Group if they are able. Our plan is to offer limited childcare as soon as we are able.

Is parking available?
Yes, parking will be provided in the paved ‘Republican Parking’ lot adjacent to the church building.

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