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Join a Sunday Gathering

Washington state has fully reopened and we are now able to return to 100% capacity for our Sunday gatherings and all other church-related functions. To learn more, read our blogpost here.

Our gatherings are open to all—whether you are a member, non-member, visiting Seattle, or a skeptic exploring the claims of Jesus—you are welcome to join us!

Parking & Directions

As we continue to come out of the Covid season, we’re no longer publicly livestreaming our Sunday gatherings. Click here to read more about our rationale behind that.

Cornerstone Kids

We are currently offering Cornerstone Kids for 1–3 year olds, during the 9AM gathering and hope to add other grades soon—depending on the number of available teachers and volunteers. We ask that you pre-register your child for Cornerstone Kids using the link below as spots are currently limited.

Pre-Register Your Child For CKids

Rebooting Our Shared Life Together This Summer


Read more about our Covid-19 response in the archive below