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Foster Care & Adoption

Foster care is the temporary placement of children, often due to child abuse or neglect, with families or individuals outside of their own homes into approved relative care or licensed homes. The goal of foster care is to provide for the physical, emotional, and social needs of children in a family setting until the child can be reunited with their biological family. In cases where a reunion is not possible, those children may be placed with relatives or an adoptive family. Adoption can take the form of a birth adoption, adoption through foster care, or international adoptions.


Throughout the Bible, we see God’s love displayed for the orphan, the fatherless, the widow, and the sojourner through his direct provision and his commandments for his chosen people to care for them as God’s image bearers (Ex 22:22-24, Ps 68:5, James 1:27). We know that in our sinfulness, we are ourselves spiritual orphans that need redemption and relational restoration to God (Eph 2:11-13). And we know that through Christ, we have been redeemed and restored through adoption into God’s family as sons and co-heirs of Christ (Gal 4:4-7). Though we once were orphaned and alienated, God, being rich in love and mercy, saved us through Jesus Christ, so that now we are united with God our Father! And we are empowered with the Holy Spirit to engage the world with this good news, both declaring and demonstrating that good news to the orphan, the fatherless, the widow, and the sojourner today.


Just as care for the fatherless is woven throughout God’s Word, it is meant to be woven throughout God’s people. DCC has been engaging with the foster care system for a number of years through clothing drives, events for caregivers and parents, and working with UGM’s Foster Support Faith Alliance (FSFA) ministry, which connects local churches with the agencies and foster families in need of support. In addition, there are numerous families within our church body who have been or currently are foster parents, as well as many who have adopted children into their family. Foster and adoptive care are both radically tangible reflections of God’s loving adoption of us as his children.  



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If you are interested in some ways you can continue to learn and get involved alongside others in our church, join our Mercy Focus: Foster Care & Adoption group on Church Center! Email us at if you have any questions.