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What is a Christian? What does it mean to believe in Jesus? And what are we saying when we say we “belong” to God?

In this five-part sermon series, we explore these abstract questions in a comprehensive, thoroughly practical way, focusing on how the Bible describes the nature of our relationship with our Creator. This multifaceted relationship is not only unique but also uniquely affects how we live, love, and grow as human beings.

Topics covered in this series include how Jesus represents His people, how we are united to Him by faith, the personal access to God we are given by grace, the oneness we experience with God through Christ, and how Christ is not only in us, but how we are also in Him.

8/20/17 Represented by Christ
8/27/17 Found in Jesus
9/3/17 Present with Jesus
9/10/17 Belonging to Jesus
9/17/17 Indwelt by Jesus



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