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Few stories in the Scriptures are as complex, well-known, and polarizing as the ancient book of Job, the righteous man who suddenly found himself afflicted by terrible suffering: the loss of his wealth, the death of his children, and the decline of his own health. When his friends come to grieve with him and discuss what went wrong in Job’s life, we are given a profound portrait of the philosophy of suffering unlike anything else in written history. And when God appears to Job and gives His final word on the subject, we find ourselves faced with the glory and majesty of a God who presides over all things, even and especially our trials.

This seven-week series walks through the book of Job in its entirety and faces head-on the themes of darkness in our lives, the role of lament, the questions we ask ourselves in our suffering, the way we walk through affliction, the place of trials as severe mercy, and the ultimate kingship of our Creator and the trust that we can safely place in Him to heal us in our troubles.

11/5/17 Suffering and the Sovereignty of God
11/12/17 Facing our Fears
11/19/17 How Not to Help the Hurting
11/26/17 Walking Through Our Affliction
12/3/17 A Severe Mercy
12/10/17 The Awesome Majesty of God
12/17/17 Trusting God When Life Hurts

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