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Pre-Marital Class Homework

This page contains all of the class materials and resources you will needed to work through and/or purchase before attending week #1 of the Building a Strong Marriage (Pre-Marital) class. If you haven’t yet registered for this class, you can do so here.

This class is largely discussion-based, so it is very dependent upon you having done your assignments beforehand. We recommend that you set aside a least a couple of evenings to complete these assignments prior to class.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at .

Pre-Class Assignments 

  • Complete The Marriage Preparation Inventory – To be completed individually
    We will use your inventories to help guide your premarital experience. You will need to give yourself some time to complete this. It is an online form that you are able to save as you go. Grab a date night and review each of your inventories together in preparation for week #1. The Marriage Preparation Inventory has to be completed by the Sunday before the first class starts.
  • Read Should We Get Married? How to Evaluate Your Relationship by William P. Smith.
    This little booklet (which is available at the church or online) is a helpful tool in assessing where you are at in the engagement process; asking the question: “Should we be getting married?”
  • Purchase and read the first chapter (“Where it all begins”) of Love that Lasts: When Marriage Meets Grace.
    We also recommend walking through the chapter’s discussion questions together (located in the back of the book). This will be the primary book used to drive the discussions for your time together. It will be easiest if you both have your own copy.
  • Other Assignments: There are some additional assignments that you will need to complete to prepare for week #1. Please reference the class workbook for specific reading and homework assignments related to week #1.

Class and Wedding Resources

  • Marriage Packet – This document contains our wedding policies, an overview of the class content, sample wedding vows, and much more!  
  • Pre-Marital Class Workbook – This document contains all of the lessons and assignments you will be walking through during the course of this class. 

Note: You will receive the printed Marriage Packet and Pre-Marital Class Workbook during week 1 of the class.