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The book of Psalms has been an encouragement and a reminder of God’s character to billions of people all throughout history and the world, and the Songs of Ascent–a handful of specific psalms in the book: 125, 127, and 130–were written for the purpose of being sung or recited as the ancients ascended the stairs of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Today, we still read them to prepare our human hearts to receive the divinity and glory of God.

The journey of this short sermon series explores themes of repentance, seeking God’s help in our trials and suffering, trusting in the Lord through whatever our lives hold, and making our Father God the authority in everything that we do.

7/30/17 Settled and Sentineled (Psalm 125)
8/6/17 Unless the Lord Builds the House (Psalm 127)
8/13/17 Wait and Hope (Psalm 130)



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