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Roughly 2,000 years ago the city of Athens was a hub of commerce, philosophy, law and literature. It was a city of beauty, intellect and cultural savvy where people would “spend their time in nothing except telling or hearing something new.” (Acts 17:21) It was in this creative, pluralistic and thoughtful context the Apostle Paul provided a reasoned response to the Athenians questions about Jesus Christ’s person and work, today known as Christianity. (Acts 17:16,17)

Athens was much like Seattle is today, a hotbed for technology, religious pluralism, and intellectual pride; where the talk of the town ranges from the new iPad release to the starting line-up of the Sounders FC to the viaduct controversy. Amidst all this, there are also many thoughtful, practical and genuine questions about the claims of Christianity. But are there reasoned answers to those questions? Yes.

Join us as we unfold a reasoned response to the top four questions Seattlites have about Christianity. The responses may surprise you.

God: How can you know whether God exists?
Bible: Why should I read the Bible as revelation from God?
Suffering:How can a good God allow so much injustice?
Judgment:How can a loving God send people to Hell?

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