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Jan 24

How Fear Separates Us

, Media, New Year Essentials 2021, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

We continue a set of annual sermons we refer to as our new year essentials. These sermons address subjects to which we must repeatedly return for the glory of God and the transformation of lives. These are not, of course, the same sermons. Rather, they are different sermons, taking different angles, on issues we need to come back to again-and-again. Today, we will consider how fear separates us, especially when it comes to racial reconciliation.

Audio | Notes | 1 John 4:7-21
Dec 24

Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas, Media, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

Merry Christmas! As you know, this is a particularly unique Sunday as it coincides with Christmas Eve. Christmas, of course, marks the birth of Jesus the Christ, truly God and truly man, who came to save the lost – people like you and I. While conditions of his arrival could not have been more humble, the implications for us could not be more profound. Therefore, today we are joining with Jesus’ people across continents, and millennia, in celebrating his arrival. Friends, our Saving-King has come – and is coming again.

Audio | Notes | 1 John 4:9-10
Sep 5

God’s Love Made Known

1 John, Media, Sermons | by Pastor David Parker

1 John

The whole book of First John was written so that we would know that we have fellowship with God; that we would know that we are genuine children of the King. Today in chapter 4, John brings back several themes that we’ve been exploring throughout this book, namely, that we understand the one true God and His love for us that was revealed in Jesus Christ. Without a proper understanding of God’s love, we won’t know how to receive His love, love Him in return, and most importantly, love others.

Audio | Notes | 1 John 4:7-21
Jul 31

Spiritual Discernment in a Confusing Age

1 John, Media, Sermons | by Pastor Craig Sturm

1 John

As we continue our journey through the book of 1 John, we find ourselves this morning exploring an intriguing theme found in 2:18-27 & 4:1-6 — how can you know truth from error? John lays out a clarion call for true followers of Jesus to practice spiritual discernment — especially in light of and in contrast to the false teachers that had departed from them. In the midst of confusion, clarity is possible, and ought to be sought.

Audio | Notes | 1 John 2:18-27; 4:1-6