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Mar 8

Sovereign Calamity

Lamentations, Media, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


Lamentations chapter 2 focuses on the sovereign calamity that was the destruction of Jerusalem. This sobering and humbling poem reminds us of our great need for a great savior. It is clear throughout the book that God has sovereignly used Babylon to discipline His wayward people of Israel. This brings to the forefront several questions of God's nature and what we believe about Him, specifically concerning His sovereignty and wrath towards sin. We have a holy, incomparable, incomprehensible God who is sovereign over all life. History and future belongs to His good, right, and just will. Because of His holy and eternal nature, God has a settled, measured wrath against sin that carries eternal weight. We see through God's discipline that He is after our hearts at whatever cost, and ultimately sent Jesus to deliver us from the wrath we deserve.

Audio | Lamentations 2