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Mar 22

Severe Love

Lamentations, Media, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


Lamentations chapter 4 continues the accounting of the raw and painful aftermath of the destruction and exile of Jerusalem. The grief expressed in this book speaks to our deepest needs in a powerful way. As we look at common questions raised when humans experience suffering, we can take comfort in who God has declared himself to be. He is holy, and as such has a just and measured wrath against against sin. He is working all things, even suffering, together for our good, will walk through our suffering with us, and will do what he must to root out our destructive self-dependence. God's wrath helps us forgive, knowing that He will execute perfect justice. And, God's wrath helps us grasp how much Christ loved us through His costly, wrath bearing sacrifice.

Audio | Lamentations 4