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Serve With Us

“To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” – 1 Cor. 12:7
“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” – Rom. 12:6

If you call DCC home and have not yet found a way to serve, you are needed! As a family on mission in the city, we rely on the faithful service of our people to make things run. From greeting to facilities, there are numerous opportunities using a variety of gifts.

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Sunday Service Teams



The Corporate Worship Team is composed of musicians and vocalists who prayerfully prepare for and lead the church in corporate worship music each Sunday. If you are passionate about crafting songs and leading others in all-satisfying, soul-enlarging, Christ-exalting worship of our Creator God, then sign up today for an audition. Requirements: volunteers must be regularly participating with a community. Commitment:  Serve every 3-4 weeks with practices on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings | Volunteer Description


Bookstore Team

The Bookstore exists to provide our church with access to trustworthy books selected by our pastors. We do this at or below cost to make the books as accessible as possible. Along with helping people buy books, bookstore volunteers have the opportunity to disciple others through discussing and recommending great books. If you like books and love people, this team is for you! Requirements: Membership is required. Commitment: Serve once a month for 30 minutes before and after the gathering. | Bookstore Volunteer Description 


Building Cleanup

The Building Cleanup Team is responsible for ensuring that DCC’s building is effectively prepared and cleaned for the different events and worship gatherings happening. Volunteers’ tasks include taking down signs, collecting trash, vacuuming, cleaning the auditorium and restrooms, and other special projects to make sure the space is ready to welcome guests. This team is dedicated to joyful and humble service and would love to have you join them! Requirements: No experience required | Building Cleanup Volunteer Description


Connect Team

The Connect Team is responsible for answering questions and helping individuals get plugged into our DCC family. If you want to help others get involved in serving or being known within the church, this team is for you! Requirements: Membership is required. Commitment: Serve once a month, arrive 45 minutes before the gathering. | Connect Volunteer Description 

cskCornerstone Kids

The Cornerstone Kids Team is comprised of both Team Leads and Team Members who partner with parents to create a safe, welcoming and fun environment for kids to understand and apply Gospel truths. Requirements: Team Members must be participating with the church for 3+ months and known by other DCC members/building relationships and community / Team Leads must be members. No prior children’s experience is required (we’ll train!). Commitment: Team Leads and Team Members serve every other week, arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour before gathering (varies by role). | Cornerstone Kids Volunteer Description | CKids Volunteer Application 


Greeting Team

The Greeting Team helps cultivate a welcoming environment by extending a friendly hello in the parking lot and entrances, distributing handouts, and ushering guests to open seats. If you love welcoming others with a smile and handshake, consider joining the Greeting Team! Requirements: No experience required. Commitment: Serve every other week, arrive 45 minutes before the gathering. | Greeting Volunteer Description


Hospitality Team

As a church, we want to be known as a hospitable people. The Hospitality Team is responsible for setting up hospitality stations ensuring that beverages, beverage tables & communion tables are prepared for DCC’s Sunday morning gatherings. If you have a passion for making people feel at home with hospitality and a hot beverage, this team is for you!  Requirements: No experience required. Commitment: Serve every three weeks, arrive 1.25 hours before the gathering. | Hospitality Volunteer Description



The Productions Team is responsible for the operation of all audio-visual and lighting equipment. This includes sound technicians, slides, videos, lighting techs and more. Requirements: Prior knowledge and experience is helpful but not required. Commitment: Serve every 2-4 weeks for gatherings, arrive between 1 to 2 hours before gathering (varies between roles). | Production Volunteer Description


Support & Security

The Support and Security team promotes a safe environment for those our gatherings by way of passionate service (Phil. 2:3-8), hospitality, and protection of the Church body (Proverbs 2:7-8). They serve out of a humble heart and possess a unique set of skills that enable them to partner with other teams, accurately assess unique situations, and converse with people from all walks of life. Requirements: Membership is required. Commitment: Serve once a month, arrive at 45 minutes before the gathering. | Support and Security Volunteer Description


Midweek Service Teams

† * indicates teams that are currently on hold which we hope to restart soon


Midweek office help to keep DCC running smoothly! If you have time midweek to come to the DCC office, we’d love your help. Requirements: Related experience encouraged, volunteers must be known within community for 3+ months to volunteer in the office. Commitment: Flexible schedule/project-need basis.



The gospel is literally good news! We want to share and declare that news in as many forms and contexts as we can. The Communications Team is responsible for utilizing our online channels (e.g. social media, website, blog) to proclaim the goodness of all that God offers us in the gospel. If you have a passion for writing, social media, or web development, consider this team! Requirements: Related experience encouraged. Commitment: Flexible schedule/project-need basis.


Connect Agents †

Connect Agents are responsible for responding to all connect cards we receive each week to help individuals get plugged into our family at DCC. If you need a more flexible schedule but want to help others get involved in serving or being known within the church, this team is for you! Requirements: Membership is required. Commitment: Serving every other week, midweek | Connect Agent Volunteer Description


Design & Visual Arts

We desire to steward design & visual arts to share the good news of the gospel in order to bring personal gospel renewal to our city. If you love color, typography, texture, visual hierarchy, decoration,and aesthetics, and are passionate about using these mediums to display the glory of our King, then you’ve found the right team! Requirements: Related experience required. Commitment: Flexible schedule/project-need basis. | Designer Description



We are a people of stories. Stories of life, mission and community. Stories of service and sacrifice. Stories of God at work among his people and in this city. We want to capture the massive and diverse ways that God at work and highlight these in a visual format that can encourage, inspire, and motivate people everywhere to worship our Savior Jesus. If you are an experienced or aspiring Videographer, Photographer, and/or Editor, we invite you to join the Media Team! Requirements: Related experience required. Commitment: Flexible schedule/project-need basis.


Midweek Building Cleanup †

The Midweek Building Cleanup Team exists to not only prepare and maintain our gathering space for Sunday worship but to be a service community that is growing in relationship with one another and our Savior. Tasks include cleaning, seting up, and organizing DCC’s downstairs space for Sunday worship and special events. Tis team works to create a hospitable and welcoming environment for all DCC participants and guests. This team is dedicated to joyful and humble service and would love to have you join them! Requirements: No experience required | Midweek Building Cleanup Volunteer Description


Special Events

Special event volunteers to help plan and support DCC events. Events can range from summer picnics to Easter celebrations and we need many different people with different skills to make these events happen. If you have administrative, event planning, or decorating skills (or simply a willingness to help) we’d love to have you on this team! This team involvement varies based on upcoming events, and is a great fit for those with variable schedules. Commitment: Flexible schedule/project-need basis.