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The local church is far more important to the Christian life than most realize. Often, this is because we haven’t taken the time to ask the simple, but profound, question, “What is Jesus’ church?” In this series, we consider afresh the wonder that Jesus’ local church is and the great privilege it is to belong to it.

#1 The Local Church as God’s New Humanity
#2 What is the Mission of the Church?
#3 Who Leads the Church?
#4 What are The Keys of the Kingdom?
#5 What is Baptism?
#6 What is the Lord’s Supper?
#7 What is Church Membership/Discipline?
#8 What are the Marks of a Healthy Member?

Additional recommended resources:

The Church (general)
Understanding the Great Commission, Mark Dever (beginner)
What is a Healthy Church, Mark Dever (beginner)
The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ, Ray Ortlund (beginner)
The Church: The Gospel Made Visible, Mark Dever (intermediate)
Baptist Foundations: Church Government for an Anti-Institutional Age, Eds. Dever & Leeman (advanced)

Mission of the Church
What is the Church’s Mission? (Church Questions), Jonathan Leeman (basic)
What If I’m Discouraged in My Evangelism? (Church Questions), Isaac Adams (basic)
Discipling: How to Help Others Follow Jesus, Mark Dever (beginner)
Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus, Mack Stiles (beginner)
Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global, Andy Johnson (beginner)
What is the Mission of the Church?, Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert (intermediate)

Church Leadership/Keys of the Kingdom
Who’s in Charge of the Church? (Church Questions), Sam Emadi (basic)
Understanding the Congregation’s Authority, Jonathan Leeman (beginner)
Understanding Church Leadership, Mark Dever (beginner)
Church Elders, Jeramie Rinne(beginner)
Don’t Fire Your Church Members: The Case for Congregationalism, Jonathan Leeman (intermediate)

Why Should I Be Baptized? (Church Questions), Bobby Jamieson (basic)
Understanding Baptism, Bobby Jamieson (beginner)
Going Public, Bobby Jamieson (intermediate)
Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ, Eds. Schreiner & Wright (advanced)

Lord’s Supper
Why Is the Lord’s Supper So Important? (Church Questions), Aubrey Sequeira (basic)
Understanding the Lord’s Supper, Bobby Jamieson (beginner)
The Lord’s Supper: Remembering and Proclaiming Christ Until He Comes, eds. Schreiner & Crawford (advanced)

Church Membership
Why Should I Join a Church? (Church Questions), Mark Dever (basic)
Church Membership: How the World Knows Who Represents Jesus, Jonathan Leeman (beginner)
40 Questions About Church Membership and Discipline, Jeremy Kimble (intermediate)

Church Discipline
Is It Loving to Practice Church Discipline? (Church Questions), Jonathan Leeman (basic)
Understanding Church Discipline, Jonathan Leeman (beginner)
Church Discipline: How the Church Protects the Name of Jesus, Jonathan Leeman (beginner)
See also Kimble under “Church Membership"

Healthy Members
What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian? (Church Questions), Sam Emadi (basic)
How Can I Serve My Church? (Church Questions), Matthew Emadi (basic)
How Can I Find Someone to Disciple Me? (Church Questions), Garrett Kell (basic)
Why Should I Give to My Church? (Church Questions), Jamie Dunlop (basic)
What if I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church? (Church Questions), Gunner Gunderson (basic)
What is a Healthy Church Member?, Thabiti Anyabwile (beginner)


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