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Vision and Values

Our Mission

We exist to know Jesus, and to make Him known, for the glory of God and the joy of all people.

Our Vision

We envision thousands of people from every corner of the city united under a new identity in Jesus and sent to love, serve and challenge the city…and the cities of the world. Out of personal gospel renewal, urban renewal will flow, as the very spiritual, social and cultural fabric of Seattle is redeemed. To achieve this, our prayerful aim is to create a movement of autonomous gospel-centered churches in every neighborhood of the city. Through the city, we’ll reach the world.

Our 10 Core Convictions

Our 10 Core Convictions help to capture the essence of who we are as Jesus’ people in Seattle. They don’t say everything (see our Statement of Faith for that), but they do help create culture-making categories that clarify who we are seeking to be as Jesus’ people. These convictions are a simple summation of how the Scripture describes what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

God-Centered: Defined by God

Jesus-Treasuring: Abiding in Jesus

Spirit-Empowered: Indwelt by the Spirit

Bible-Saturated: Governed by God’s Word

Prayer-Filled: Dependent in prayer

Mission-Driven: Relentless in mission

Disciple-Making: Devoted to discipleship

Church-Focused: Dedicated to the local church

People-Loving: Welcoming every neighbor

City-Renewing: Committed to the city

To learn more about our 10 Core Convictions, check out our sermon series titled First Things.

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