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Jan 16

An Invitation to Women’s Discipleship Day

Discipleship, Event | by Deacon Jen Keogh

Dear Ladies of DCC,

Our next Women’s Discipleship Day will take place on February 1st and I invite you to join us for it! This one-day event is a rich opportunity to gather with our sisters to worship our great and glorious God, receive teaching from His Word by women in our body, and point one another to the hope of His Gospel and the immeasurable riches found in Him alone.


With all of life’s demands as it relates to our work, school, kids, etc., it can be so easy for our hearts to lose sight of what is truly of eternal value and worth – our relationship with God and finding our joy in all His goodness toward us, in Jesus. Women’s Discipleship Day is meant to be a time for us to slow down, and learn and grow together in ways we can trust in God while we navigate all of life’s busyness as women of faith.


There will be rich, biblical teaching from women within DCC. We will be meditating on Jesus’ Parable of Soils from Mark 4:1-20. You will hear testimonies from other women on the worldly concerns that threatened to choke out their faith and how God delivered them from it. We’ll praise our God together in musical worship and prayer, as well as spend time in personal reflection and table discussions. Our goal for us ladies is to walk away from the day better equipped to till the soil of our souls for His Glory and for our edification.


Consider changing your plans to prioritize time spent in scripture, prayer, and fellowship with one another. Our next Women’s Discipleship Retreat will not be until next fall, so we hope that you will make this day a priority to the benefit of your soul and your sisters in Christ.


Don’t worry – you’re not the only one! This event is a great opportunity to meet other women in DCC, and build and strengthen relationships. Consider inviting a friend; you don’t have to be a member to participate. In fact, invite the woman sitting next to you at our next gathering. One of our prayers for this day is that each woman will find the beginnings of a deep, discipling relationship with others in our body.


Our reason for a single day event is to eliminate many of the barriers that come with a weekend retreat. A single day event allows for much shorter commute, lower cost, and easier family logistics while preserving valuable time for studying God’s Word, worshipping and praying with one another, and practical application.


The cost includes a light breakfast, coffee throughout the day, a box lunch, materials for the day, parking, and a book giveaway. If this presents a financial hardship – just let us know in the registration form, as there are scholarships available!


Please note Cornerstone Kids will not be provided as we’d love for this time to be focused and fruitful for the ladies. We encourage husbands, family, or friends to help care for children during this time.


WHEN: Saturday, February 1st
WHERE: DCC Building – 2333 Western Ave, 98121
TIME: 9 am to 4 pm. Doors open at 8 am for registration and light breakfast.
LUNCH: Box lunch included with registration.
PARKING: Free parking is available in both lots next to the building for this event. Validation will be available at the Bell Harbor Garage (located at 2323 Elliott Avenue) if both parking lots are full.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email:

In Christ,
Jen Keogh
Deacon of Women’s Discipleship

Oct 3

An Invitation to Men’s Training Day

Discipleship, Event | by Pastor Justin Keogh

Men of DCC,

In just over two weeks, on Saturday, October 19th will be our 2019 Men’s Training Day, from 9a-3p at DCC’s building. Think of this single-day event as a “mini-man-camp,” but without the drive! We’ll be gathering for instruction from God’s Word on what it means to cultivate a fruitful life in Christ. We’ll also be hearing testimonies of God’s work among us, with space for personal reflection and group discussion.

Over the years, I’ve found these events to be deeply encouraging – and I know many others have as well. I’d encourage you to make it a priority to attend, as an investment in your relationship with Jesus as well as an opportunity to build relationships within our body. It is our prayerful aim to gather with 200 men!

What will we be doing?

Anchored in Jesus’ parable of the soils (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23), we’ll consider what it means to bear fruit through receiving the Word. We’ll look at those things, internally and externally, that threaten to choke out our faith, and how to combat them. The goals of the day are to instruct and equip through the Word and to build relationships across our church body.

What if I have plans?

Consider changing them and making this an intentional investment in your faith. We only host these training events every nine months, so there are limited opportunities to grow in this unique way. You can bring others too! You don’t have to be a member to attend; you’ve just got to be a dude. (Don’t worry, ladies, there will be a Women’s Training Day in February!)

What if I don’t know anyone?

Don’t worry – you won’t be the only one! This event is a great way to meet other men in our body. Events like these are like relational Insta-pots: you can grow in your relationships more through a single day like this together than over many months of short meet-and-greet conversations.

Why a single day event?

Our goal is to remove many of the barriers that exist with a full weekend retreat – a much shorter drive (and no ferries!), easier family logistics, lower cost – while keeping much of the same rich biblical content, time with brothers in worship and discussion, and practical equipping.

What does the $25 cost include?

We’ll provide a light breakfast, coffee throughout the day, a box lunch, the materials for the day, parking, and a book. If the cost is a financial hardship – just let us know in the registration, as there are scholarships available!

With all of that, here are the event details:

WHEN: Saturday, October 19th
WHERE: DCC’s Building – 2333 Western Ave, 98121
TIME: Doors open for registration and light refreshments at 8a, the event starts at 9a and will go until 3p.
PARKING: Free parking is available in both lots next to the building for this event. Validation will be available at the Bell Harbor Garage (located at 2323 Elliott Avenue) if both parking lots are full.
LUNCH: Box lunch included with registration.

Click here to register.

I am looking forward to gathering with you on the 19th!

Pastor Justin

Aug 20

An Invite to Our 9th Annual Summer Barbecue and Baptism

Baptism, Event, News | by Pastor David Parker

This coming Saturday, August 24th, we will be hosting our ninth Summer barbecue and baptism at Myrtle Edwards Park, from 10am-1pm, on the Seattle waterfront–and you’re invited.

This is a unique annual event in the life of our church where we gather to enjoy God’s common grace through a summer barbecue and God’s saving grace through baptism.

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Connect outside of our Sunday gathering rhythm.
  • Make new friends and reconnect with old ones.
  • Invite family, neighbors, and coworkers to hear the gospel.
  • Extend generosity by bringing something to share.
  • Steward your grilling techniques you’ve been mastering all summer
  • Revel in the ongoing saving grace of Jesus at work among us

We are holding this event on a Saturday so that as many of us as possible are able to join in on the celebration. We encourage you to make an afternoon of it. Bring your lawn chair or blanket—and maybe one to share. Break out your favorite lawn game. Dust off your frisbee. Come prepared to enjoy God’s creation and God’s people.

Parents, we’ll also have plenty of activities for the kids, including bouncy houses, face painting, giant bubbles, and more.

“What is the schedule?”
10:00 am: Mingling and activities
11:00 am: Baptisms***
12:00 pm: Food and fellowship

***Be sure to note that the baptisms will take place before the food this year, so please plan accordingly.

“What can I bring?”
DCC will provide the staples but, if you are able, we invite you to bring a dish to share. You can sign-up to bring something HERE.

“How can I help?”
An event like this requires all-hand-on-deck, from greeting to grilling, from set-up and tear-down. You can sign-up to help HERE. Also, if you currently serve with Cornerstone Kids (with a background check), there are still various shifts to be covered for our kids activities. To help, please sign-up HERE.

Let’s pray for those getting baptized—and for the weather to hold!

See you all on Saturday, Lord willing.

Christ is all,
Pastor Adam

P.S. Go here to get a sense of what last year’s BBQ & Baptism was like.

Aug 22

An Invite to Our 8th Annual Summer BBQ

Baptism, Event, News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

This coming Saturday, August 25th, DCC will be hosting its eighth Summer BBQ & Baptism at Myrtle Edwards Park, from 11am-2pm, on the Seattle waterfront. We invite you to join us. 

This is a unique annual event in the life of our church where the entire church gathers to enjoy God’s common grace in a summer barbecue and God’s saving grace in baptism. 

This is a great opportunity to: 

• Connect outside of our Sunday gathering rhythm
• Make new friends and reconnect with old ones
• Invite family, neighbors, and coworkers to hear the gospel
• Use your culinary skills, or simple generosity, to bring something to share
• Steward your grilling techniques that you’ve been mastering all summer
• Revel in the ongoing saving grace of Jesus at work among us

In the past, we’ve held these barbecues on a weeknight. We’re not opposed to that. However, we discovered that with work, traffic, parking, family schedules, high tides, and racing sunsets it could help to shift this event to a weekend. 

That said, this is the first year that we’ve held this event on a Saturday afternoon. Therefore, we hope even more of you will be able to join in the celebration. We encourage you to make a long afternoon of it. Bring your lawn chair or blanket—and maybe one to share. Break out your favorite lawn game. Dust off your frisbees. Come prepared to enjoy God’s creation and God’s people. 

Parents, we’ll also have plenty of activities for the kids, including bouncy houses, face painting, giant bubbles, and more. 

“What is the schedule?” 

11:00am Mingling 
12:00pm BBQ lunch
1:00pm Baptisms 
2:00pm Mingling

“What can I bring?” DCC will provide the staples but, if you are able, we invite you to bring a dish to share. You can sign-up to bring something here

“How can I help?” As you can imagine, an event like this requires all-hand-on-deck, from greeting to grilling, from set-up and tear-down. You can sign-up to help here

See you all on Saturday, Lord willing!

Christ is all,
Pastor Adam

P.S. Go here to get a sense of what last year’s BBQ & Baptism was like. 

May 17

Why “Serve the City”?

Event, Serve the City, Service | by Pastor Justin Keogh

In just a few weeks, on Saturday, June 2nd from 9a-1p, we’ll gather at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School as a body to serve and bless the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) through our 6th annual Serve the City event. Over the years, we’ve set aside a summer Saturday morning in order to serve together as a family on mission. As we’ve continued to grow so has our impact through this event – and as of the last few years, we’re one of the largest groups that SPS has worked with! Of course, our motivation is not to be the largest group, but to serve with the joy of the Lord as our strength (and thereby do as much good as we can). As we gear up for serving together on June 2nd, I wanted to remind us of some great truths in our service to our neighbors:

We have been loved and served beyond measure in Christ

Our fundamental starting point is the good news of the gospel, which is that when we were dead in our sins Christ came to rescue us through his death and resurrection and restore us to right relationship to God (Rom 5:8). And from this restored relationship overflows a love that is expressed in all areas of our life – how we spend our time, money, and effort; how we work and play; how we relate to one another and to our neighbors. We live with Christ as our model, who came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many (Matt 20:28).

We serve by God’s strength and for His glory

Throughout Scripture, God speaks of his redeeming work to create a people for his own possession, that we would be set apart, living for His Glory. Ephesians 2:10 says it this way: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” God has redeemed us and set before us good works that we might display something of His love and glory to the world around us. Jesus says that we are to be light in the world, “so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Matt 5:16).

We serve our city out of love as an implication of the gospel

In being loved by God through Jesus, we are moved by the love we’ve received to love others, within the church and outside of the church. Paul writes to the Thessalonians that they are to “always seek after that which is good for one another and for all people,” (1 Thes 5:15). We seek to both declare and demonstrate the good news of Jesus across Seattle, through our faithful proclamation and service.

With this in mind, let’s serve with a humble and joyful posture of heart, working heartily unto the Lord. More details, directions, and registration can be found here. Please register to let us know you’re coming and so we can plan accordingly. Bring your communities and friends!

For the glory of our King and the good of many,
Justin Keogh

Jan 10

A Note from Jani Ortlund, 2018 Women’s Retreat Speaker

Event, Teaching, Women's Retreat

Dear Ladies of Downtown Cornerstone Church,

I’m looking forward to our time together in February at the Women’s Retreat! Why? Because I love to be a part of women gathering together with open hearts and open Bibles, freed from the demands of daily duties to eagerly seek the Lord. I have the sacred privilege to lead us in those times in God’s Word.

Who is this woman leading you? Well, I’m Jani (rhymes with Annie) Ortlund, married for 46 years to A29 church planter Ray Ortlund. We have four married children, producing the most irresistible granddarlings—13 at last count! I spend my days much like you do, trying to figure out why God made me and how best to serve Him this side of Heaven. Part of that service involves speaking and writing about Him!

The theme for our weekend together is delighting in Christ. What does it mean to be “in Christ”? How do we come to rest there—to stay there? What is God’s part and what is our part as we muddle through our hopes and heartaches? How can our identity in Christ expand from one of duty to delight? And what can we trust Christ for in those inevitable dry and barren desert experiences?

How can you prepare for this time together? Please pray. Ask God to meet with us individually and corporately in fresh and significant ways. Pray that you will see Jesus, not Jani.

Meditate on Psalm 62:1 and Psalm 36:7-9, and read through Isaiah 41:17-21—our three texts for the weekend.

Oh, and definitely pack some chocolate! I strongly believe that chocolate makes for a better weekend!

Prayerfully, expectantly, and lovingly,

– Jani Ortlund


Ladies, this retreat is a unique opportunity to hit “pause” on our daily rhythms and gather together to be encouraged, equipped, and strengthened in our faith. We know there’s a lot to coordinate – from carpooling and childcare, to saving up for the cost, and giving up the bulk of your weekend. We encourage you to give your concerns for the weekend to Jesus, embrace all that He has waiting for you, and join us in the following:

1) Begin praying for the weekend.

2) Register online in advance!

3) Invite a friend and encourage ladies to join you.

4) Email if you have any questions, concerns, or barriers.

A reminder that we’re offering a 50% discount to all students. Use the code collegestudent (lowercase, all one word) on your registration form before submitting.

Excited for all that God will do!

Oct 19

Reflections from Man Camp

Discipleship, Event

Earlier this month, 130 men within DCC set aside a weekend to reset their affections on Christ and grow in fellowship together at Island Lake Camp in Poulsbo, WA. Jesus was made much of, prayers were answered, and men left encouraged and renewed! Here’s just one of the many stories from the weekend.

As we settled into our seats and pulled out our bibles, the fatigue of the day became apparent. Men quietly greeted each other as the smell of coffee filled the room. After a busy week, the thought of lessons and activities was as daunting as it was exciting. For me, the week leading up to Man Camp had been particularly taxing. I felt tired, stretched thin, and distant from God. 

As the first session began and we dove into God’s word, a simple but powerful theme began to take center stage: Endurance.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before uslooking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God..” – Hebrews 12:1-2. 

Man Camp itself was divided into four sessions, breaking down Hebrews 12:1-3. The first session discussed what endurance is and why we need it. We reflected on the “great cloud of witnesses”- ordinary men who trusted deeply in God – and how their trust and dependence on God offers us strength, encouragement, and a new perspective to trust God in difficult circumstances. Session two highlighted the weight and sin that clings so closely to our souls, why it clings so closely, and how we can, by God’s grace, start to lay it aside. In the third session, we learned what it takes to run the race with endurance and how we can tell if we are running the race well. Finally, in the last session, we evaluated what our hearts are truly pursing, remembering the Lord and his sacrifice for us, and refocusing our hearts, minds, and souls on who Jesus is, what He has done for us, and how He is worthy of the central affections of our hearts. 

Looking back, I can clearly see that the Lord was beginning to reveal a gospel disconnect in my life. While I didn’t realize it at the time, I had started to place my trust, joy, and satisfaction in my doings rather than in my Savior. This subtle change happened over a series of months and had left me feeling spiritually dry, focused on my sin and failures, and overall a bit weary in pursuing God. 

It was during the last session that I was reminded of the encouragement from the author of Hebrews to set my attention on Jesus as my deepest joy and greatest treasure. I had spent so much of my energy trying to fix my mistakes and shortcomings and subtly win God’s approval that I had forgotten who my Jesus is. He is the one who is appointed as the heir of all things and it is through Him that all things were created in this world (Heb 1:2). He is the radiance of the glory of God, the exact imprint of His nature. He is the one who upholds the universe by the word of His power. He is the one who made purification for our sins. (Heb 1:3) It is Him who everything is subject to, and nothing is outside of His control. (Heb 2:8) It is Him who is founder of our salvation. (Heb 2:10) It is Him who is our great high priest who has passed through the heavens. (Heb 4:14) He is our sure and steadfast anchor of our souls. (Heb 6:19) He is perfect forever. (Heb. 7:28) It is Him who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven, a minister in the holy places. (Heb. 8:1-2) and it is Him who deeply loves me and draws me near with his grace and mercy.

It is only by looking towards Jesus that we can run this race. It starts with Him, it continues with Him, and it will end with Him. It is not done by pulling up our boot straps and simply manning up. It is done only through His grace and His strength. We add nothing, we only faithfully pursue Him. 

I know that in this day and age, it can be hard to take a step away from all the priorities we have for a weekend getaway. I know that events like this can seem a burden, but that is far from the truth. We all need time to get away and truly reflect and recalibrate our hearts on our gracious God. I have consistently seen the Lord move in mine and others lives during this time, and I am confident He will continue this good work in the years to come. 

Love you all,

Kyle Stewart, DCC Member

Sep 22

A Pastoral Invite to Man Camp 2017

Discipleship, Event | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

DCC Men, 

On October 6th the men of DCC will be heading to the Olympic Peninsula for 24 hours of Gospel-saturated learning, personal sharpening, and relationship-building for Man Camp 2017. This year our theme is Endurance taken from Hebrews 12:1-3. We’re considering, “What does it take to persevere as a follower of Jesus?” We’ll look at ways to avoid wasting our lives, how to set aside sin, ingredients for running well, and more. Plus, we’ll be in the woods. 

Yes, last year, some of us were on a ferry with a car fire. Yes, last year, it rained the entire weekend. Yes, last year, the power was out and we ran the retreat on a generator. Yes, last year, there was no heat or hot showers. And it was perfect: the men of DCC were gathered, the Scriptures were taught, new friendships were forged, songs were sung, and some responded to Jesus for the first time. While the circumstances of every year change, the benefit of this time together doesn’t change. 

So, I am making a pastoral call to all DCC men who have yet to register. Our prayerful aim is to see 175 men in the woods in two weeks. Let’s say that DCC averages 650 people on Sunday and half are men. That makes roughly 325 men. Ideally, we’ll see every one of these men join us on the peninsula. But, if just half of you registered, we’d nearly be at our goal. My encouragement to you is simple: register. You will not regret it. We understand that not all of you can make it, for one reason or another, but this is for those of you that can. Let me offer the following encouragements for those of you on the fence:

#1 Man Camp creates intentional space to learn about Jesus.

Our culture is marked by busyness. Work demands. School demands. Kid demands. Project demands. Schedule demands. 24-hour news. Endless social media feeds. It takes intentionality to slow down for five minutes, let alone an entire day. That makes this Man Camp a gift. It is a gift to carve out intentional space in your calendar to consider how to endure with Jesus, alongside others seeking to do the same. This kind of intentionality is good for our souls. Don’t miss out.

#2 Man Camp builds new relationships.

Maybe you don’t know anyone. It can be intimidating entering into something like this without knowing anyone else. We all get that. But, here’s the thing: that’s what retreats are for! More relational-traction can be gained with a retreat than with a dozen brief Sunday meet-and-greets. A retreat is the perfect place to get to know others. No one is “busy.” We’re all there for the same purpose. So, will this require you to take a step of faith? Yes. Will you be alone? No. Will you forge new relationships with others? For sure. Will it be worth it? No doubt. Embrace this Man Camp as an opportunity to build new relationships.  

#3 Man Camp gets us out of our context. 

We all know what a gift it is to pause our normal rhythms for a change of scenery. Our family tries to get out of the city at least once a month. The process to get into the woods can be challenging, but once we’re there I always ask, “Why did I hesitate? This is amazing.” It is a gift to temporarily get out of our context to think, laugh, rest, and reflect—especially when it involves a ferry ride to the peninsula. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the perspective we’ve been looking for. Man Camp is an opportunity to get out of your context for a weekend. 

#4 Man Camp is a weapon against Satan. 

For years as a new believer I noticed that all kinds of things came at me when I was presented with an opportunity to go on a retreat: family emergencies, other plans, lack of funds, sudden desire to be alone, skepticism about the benefit of retreats, etc. Often, I needed someone to come alongside me and say, “You really need to go to this and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.” So, in most cases, I went. I can recall cases where I even regretted it while I was on my way there! But, guess what? Not once did I regret it afterwards. Not once. I’ve come to see that this is a common tactic of the enemy to keep us from opportunities like this that are sure to increase our faith, deepen our joy, and anchor our love in God—and all that he is for us, in Jesus. The enemy doesn’t want that. He wants us at home by ourselves watching Netflix. So, tell the enemy to take hike. Put aside doubts. Change plans. Take a step of faith. You won’t regret it. Men, this is going to be a memorable time together. 

All that said, here are the details: 

WHAT: Man Camp 2017
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 6th – Saturday, Oct. 7th
WHERE: Island Lake Camp
WHO: Men


Let’s be praying for our time together, fellas. 

Christ is all, 

Pastor Adam

Aug 21

Beach, Burgers, and Baptisms this Thursday @ Myrtle Edwards!

Baptism, City Life, Event | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers [and sisters] dwell in unity!”
– Psalm 133:1

DCC family,

This Thursday, August 24th, we are gathering together at the beautiful Myrtle Edwards Park from 6:00-8:30pm for our annual summer barbecue and baptisms. We hope you can join us! Meat will be on the grill. The Olympics will be out. Music will be playing. Lord willing, the weather will hold. There will be activities for kids. You’ll make new friends. There will be a brief gospel message and we’ll be celebrating three baptisms! It’s going to be a great evening spent reveling in the beauty of our city, God’s glorious creation, and the reality of Jesus who continues to change lives. I don’t like hype, but you really don’t want to miss it. Come early. Adjust your work schedule. Carpool with others. If you don’t know anyone, this is a great opportunity to change that. Do what you can to join us for this special time. Since we gather across two gatherings on Sunday, we don’t have many opportunities to be together at the same time—this is one of them. We currently have 150 RSVP’ed. We’d love to see that doubled. We hope you can make it. If you have any questions, just let us know. See you Thursday evening!

Thursday, August 24, 6:00pm-8:30pm

Myrtle Edwards Park, 3130 Alaskan Way. We’ll gather in the field nearest to the beach (map below). Street parking is pay until 8 pm at $1.50/hr available along Western Ave, Elliott Ave, and Alaskan Way.

DCC will provide hot dogs and burgers, condiments, buns, chips, beverages, and paper products. If you’re planning on joining, please sign up for a side dish, burger topping, or dessert below.

You can RSVP, sign-up to bring a dish to share, and volunteer to serve here (we still need help!).

Christ is all, 
Pastor Adam

P.S. Be praying for those who will be sharing their testimonies and getting baptized. Specifically, ask Jesus to use their stories to draw others to a saving relationship with him.

Aug 3

Video and Photos from Serve the City

City Life, Event, Serve the City, Service, Video | by Micah Rickard

“And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” – John 17:3

Jesus begins his prayer for his disciples and all believers, recorded in John 17, with this brief and beautiful statement on what it means to be in Christ. Later in this prayer, Jesus prays, “The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me” (v. 22-23). The reality that we are in Christ brings a transformational unity with each other, and God uses this unity to display his glory to the world, that others may know him and have eternal life. Paul highlights this when he refers to believers as “ambassadors for Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:20).

It is out of these deep truths that we are committed to building a great city, not just a great church. It’s why our desire as a church is to see gospel renewal take place from the avenues to the alleyways. We have been infinitely served and loved by Christ, and out of the joy and gratitude that brings, we get to serve together as God’s people to display his glory in our city!

Last month, on July 15th, Downtown Cornerstone had the opportunity to partner with Gatewood Elementary School in West Seattle to help out with a variety of grounds work projects, including repainting US and World maps, repainting foursquare and tetherball courts, turning up ground and laying down mulch to outline a new track, removing massive amounts of ivy from fences, weeding along edges and fence lines, and more!

One woman and her family walked past the school, witnessed our efforts, and were moved to tears to see us “carrying out Jesus’ mission to serve others.” She mailed a thank you note sharing her appreciation saying, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for living the true Spirit of love and community. I will never forget your collective and individual kindness.” Her son will attend kindergarten at Gatewood Elementary this fall!

It’s stories like this that remind us we really are the hands and feet of Christ, sharing the love He’s given us with those in our community. With over 200 volunteers (plus kids!) serving a total of 800+ hours we accomplished an incredible amount of service and support for the students and staff at Gatewood! If the Department of Neighborhood approves the grant Gatewood’s Parent-Teacher Association submitted, they’ll receive an equal amount of paid hours toward additional improvements. What an incredible gift!

Thank you to all who came out to help! Share the video above and check out the full photo album from the day!

– Deacon Micah Rickard