Downtown Cornerstone Blog
Sep 2

DCC Campout | Reflection


“Something remarkable happens when we remove ourselves from the busy city life to camp with friends and strangers.  It’s not because God is only found in nature (He’s always with us), and it’s not because we’re doing something super extraordinary (we can eat hot dogs at home, too), and it’s not even because we’re inspired by the magical beauty of Creation (which we absolutely were!).

It’s because we’re together.

There’s something about being “away” with people, that allows God to work in unique ways, without distractions and obligations biting at our heels.  We get to slow down.  We get to rest.  We get to enjoy being in the present without rushing to the “next” thing.  We get to give our time generously, to listen to the “long” version of each other’s stories, and to cross paths with people we wouldn’t have otherwise.

In God’s abundant generosity and blessing, new friendships were forged, new places were discovered, and new memories were made at the DCC campout.  Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make it such a fantastic weekend.

Hope to see you all out in the woods next year!”