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Oct 28

Two Miraculous Births in Process

Uncategorized | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

We are in a season of simultaneously witnessing two miraculous births.

The First Miraculous Birth.

Five months ago the Sinnett family received the news we would never be able to have children naturally again due to various complications. We received this diagnosis of being infertile the same day as our initial prayer and dessert gathering on May 25th. We were, of course, crushed. After appropriately grieving, we sold most of our baby stuff before moving downtown, spent considerable time sifting through the various fertility options, and ultimately landed on adoption. Then, miraculously and inexplicably, two months ago Jen had a positive pregnancy test. Yes, positive. After being diagnosed infertile by two doctors, we are now expecting a baby mid-April. We couldn’t be more excited, or surprised. To those of you who have been praying, thank you. This is the first miracle.

The Second Miraculous Birth.

This past Sunday we received a glimpse of another miraculous birth in process, the birth of a new church in the heart of downtown Seattle – Downtown Cornerstone. After gathering as a launch community throughout the summer, we had our first preview gathering this past Sunday. God is bringing together a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-life stage, multi-gifted group of people that form this new church. Join us this fall in community or at one of our upcoming preview gatherings as we follow Jesus’ lead in planting a church of forgiven imperfect people worshipping our perfect God, Jesus Christ.

This new church coming to life in the city is just as impossible as a woman diagnosed barren giving birth. We’re witnessing both happen and invite you to share in our joy.