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Dec 17

3rd Preview Gathering this Sunday (12/19 @ 5:00pm)!

News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

The city is a creation of God, not an invention of man. The city is intended by God to be a place of safety, justice, culture-making, and spiritual seeking. Yet, under sin, it is a place of violence, lawbreaking, pride, and religious pluralism. God intends to fix this.

The world to come is pictured as a perfect city. (Rev 21:1) It is a city in which God is at the center and life is as it should be with no suffering, no tears, and no sin. It is a city of equality, justice, and beauty, centered around Jesus Christ. It is a city where God is with God’s people in God’s place forever. If we’re honest, this is the city we all want and it begins now, in part.

God is already at work creating this new city in our midst by redeeming, forgiving and adopting people by faith in Jesus Christ. Together these people form a new society, an alternate city, a church of broken people rescued by grace. Together, these followers of Jesus are intended by God to serve as a foretaste of the world that is to come, to bring the City of God into the City of Man, by showing the world what life should, and one day will, look like.

This Sunday, December 19th @ 5:00pm, we will be hosting our third preview gathering for friends, supporters, the curious, the skeptical, saints and sinners alike. No pretension, no religiosity, no bait-and-switch. Just real people, exploring real issues, and worshiping a real God. More info here. We hope to see you there.