Downtown Cornerstone Blog
Jan 28

“Do I Have to Move Downtown?”

City Life | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

“Do I have to move downtown in order to partner with Downtown Cornerstone?” That’s a common question. The simple answer is, “No.” Our aim is to connect urban dwellers (approximately 60,000) and urban workers (approximately 250,000) to Christ. While many have moved downtown, others live anywhere from Auburn (South) to Lynnwood (North). What we all share is a common love for the city and for Jesus.

While we highly encourage you to consider moving in order to promote the faithful presence of Christ through his people in the urban core, it is not expected nor required. Whether you follow, are curious, or are skeptical of Jesus – and love Seattle – we invite you to join us in community or Sundays at 10:00AM downtown. Who knows? Maybe you’ll feel compelled to follow Jesus’ lead and partner with us in planting this church – maybe even move.