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Mar 7

Seeking the Social Renewal of Seattle (?)

Uncategorized | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

We want to see spiritual, social and cultural renewal take place in Seattle. But, what does that actually look like?

This is the third, and last, in a series of blogs that will answer that question.

But first, some theological context. God’s ultimate aim is his glory (Mt 6:9, cf 1 Cor 10:31). He makes his glory known through His kingdom (Mt 6:10a), which exists wherever He rules over human hearts submitted to Him by faith. His primary plan for making this invisible kingdom visible is through the Church (Mt 6:10b; Eph 3:10). The Church receives power for this work through the Gospel (Mt 6:11;13; Rom 1:16).

In other words, the glory of God is made known through the invisible kingdom being made visible through the Church, empowered by the Gospel. Therefore, seeking the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of Seattle is nothing more than making the invisible kingdom visible in every sphere of life.

What does a socially renewed Seattle look like?

Downtown Cornerstone is committed to building a great city, not just a great church. Yet, these two are not opposed. A great church, comprised of sinners saved by the sheer grace of God in Christ, will build a great city. So, practically speaking, what does it look like to socially renew Seattle? Not through imperialistic, patronizing, holier-than-thou fundamentalism; but through the faithful presence of Jesus’ followers in the city. What follows are some examples of just that. In a socially renewed Seattle:

  • There are increasing levels of forgiveness, patience and reconciliation happening between classes and races (individuals, families, neighborhoods and institutions)
  • The “elites” of Seattle are repenting of their ambivalence and, in turn, getting involved with the needs of the people and neighborhoods of the city.
  • There are hundreds of cooperative efforts between the “haves” and “have-nots” bringing revitalization throughout the city.
  • There is a significant decline in wage theft among immigrant populations (a significant issue in Seattle)
  • The practice of human trafficking in Seattle is completely eradicate
  • Strong marriages are increasingly honored without ostracizing aging singles (the fastest growing population segment in the US)
  • Hurting marriages and families are being healed.
  • There are strong, high quality, schools provided for all children of the city (e.g. no difference between south and north Seattle).
  • Child abuse is experiencing a radical decline.
  • Sex between a married man and woman is viewed as beautiful; while the sex industry is shutting down.

This work is beyond the capacity of any single church, including Downtown Cornerstone. It’s for this reason that we don’t exist to merely see our church planted, but a movement of churches planted in Seattle and beyond. We invite you to join us as we embark on this impossible task, following the God of impossibilities (Eph 3:20-21).