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Apr 26

Two New Communities Starting Next Week (P.S. & W.S.)

News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

From beginning to end, God’s aim is to glorify Himself through a people He is calling out from all tribes of the world and all neighborhoods of Seattle through the gospel. He calls this community of people the church.

Downtown Cornerstone is not just interested in holding events but for people to connect, share life and form communities that are deeply rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. These are communities of diverse imperfect people that are committed to living out the implications of the gospel in every sphere of life. These are communities of radical grace, sacrificial service, and joy. These are communities that eat together, pray together, laugh together, and study the Bible together (i.e. share life). These are communities that build up the church by encouraging people to faith in Jesus Christ and build up the city through deeds of justice and mercy. These are communities where you can be who God created you to be, yourself. It’s our hope and prayer that everyone who calls Downtown Cornerstone home will find such community.

Two New Communities Starting Next Week.

Next week we will plant two additional Cornerstone Communities, Pioneer Square (Tuesdays @ 6pm) and West Seattle (Thursdays @ 6pm). These will be in addition to our current communities that gather in the Denny Triangle (Tuesdays @ 6pm) and the Commercial Core (Thursdays @ 6pm). To get connected to one of these newly forming communities, email us at . To learn more about Cornerstone Communities, how to get involved and what to expect visit our COMMUNITY page.