Downtown Cornerstone Blog
Jun 22

DCC Recommended Reading List

Teaching | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

I’ve intended to put together a recommended reading list for over a year. Finally, here it is. It’s lengthy but covers a multitude of topics and should be a helpful starting point for all interested in further study and stoking the embers of your heart, mind and soul to burn brightly for Jesus Christ.

All this, of course, comes at a cost, so I recommend:

  • Utilizing the library
  • Checking for free copies online (particularly for the classics)
  • Purchase electronic versions to save $
  • Buys books together to share, discuss and pass along

As I note in the attachment, its important to read critically. While we do not necessarily fully endorse everything in every book listed here, every book listed has something to offer. The list is not exhaustive, but my hope is that these books serve as tools in cultivating us as a God-saturated, Gospel-centered, and Christ-exalting people. Enjoy.

Would love to hear how it goes.