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Jun 20

Don’t wait till January to start reading your Bible.

Teaching | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


Every January, in various Christian circles, there is an emphasis placed on Bible reading in the new year. That’s a good practice. But, why not July? As July approaches I’d like to encourage all of us to evaluate our daily communion with the Father and commerce with His grace through regular prayer and Bible reading.


I love the Bible, but I need a plan for my reading. Maybe you’re like me. Without a plan, I drift somewhat aimlessly, accomplish little, and lack focus. Without a plan, all of my good intentions often remain just that, intentions. For the majority of us, the answer is simple: we need a plan.


Over the years, I’ve found two Bible reading plans to be particularly helpful. The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan (which plans for 25 days of reading each month, leaving five days for catch-up or further study) and the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (through which you read the New Testament twice and Old Testament once per year). I like elements of both, so I combined them.

Attached you will find a customized and combined version of the M’Cheyne and Discipleship Journal Bible Reading plans. What does that mean?

  • Bible+ in 12 months: You’ll read through the NT/Psalms 2x’s and OT 1x over the next 12 months
  • God’s Unfolding Story: Every day you’ll read 4-5 chapters from four different parts of the Bible, which will allow you to daily dip into different chapters of God’s unfolding story.
  • 25 days/Month: Each month you’re scheduled to read for 25 days. This gives you 5+ days at the end of the month to catch up from previously missed days (which are inevitable) or for study of other topics. In most plans, if you get behind, it is difficult to catch-up so this helps alleviate that.
  • Numbered Months: Most plans start in January, which means you have to wait or enter the plan midway. On the attached, I numbered the months to remove that obstacle.

This is optional, of course. For those of you looking for a plan, this could be a good place to start. For other Bible reading plan options go HERE.