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Nov 29


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As we kick off this advent season, we want to demonstrate the love of Christ in Action by having each community “adopt-a-neighbor(s)”. This will be an opportunity for each of our Cornerstone Communities to serve an individual, a family, or an organization during the month of December.

The Church is a people not a place…

The primary channel for Adopt-a-Neighbor will be communities (i.e. the people). Therefore, every community will seek to identify a need within their geographic or relational circles – particularly, among those outside the church. For example, do you have a connection to an immigrant family, a single mom, a real change seller, or a homeless individual that you could adopt in this season? Is there an organization that is meeting needs that you’d like to specifically partner with this month?
Take some time to talk with your community and decide how/where/who you want to serve/give/adopt this month. Focus on making it relational, involving people.
Get creative, be generous, and ask Jesus to give you and your community a vision for incarnating the love of Christ this season.

In Christ we have been given much. By Him and through Him we have much to give.