Downtown Cornerstone Media
Mar 9

“Take heart; it is I AM”

Mark, Media, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


Today in Mark 6:45-56, we see another one of Jesus’ most famous miracles: walking on water. One of the challenging aspects of talking about Jesus in our cultural context is that, in America, we have largely become overly familiar with him, which can subtly steal our awe and astonishment. This is one reason we’re going through a prolonged study of Jesus’ life and work – to stoke the awe of some, while helping others get their awe back and still others to experience it for the first time. Mark writes to capture our attention. It can be hard to trust someone you don’t know, so he goes to great lengths to clarify exactly who Jesus is, what he is like, what he came to do and why it all matters. He wants us to see Jesus for exactly who he is, as that is key to understanding the world’s history and our own.

Audio | Mark 6:45-56