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Sep 28

The Last Supper

Mark, Media, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


In Mark 14:1-26 there is a noticeably dramatic transition in the story of Jesus. The story turns to Jesus' end as the crucifixion is approaching and He spends His last meals with disciples and followers. Mark begins this section with asking the reader to examine their hearts through the recounting of a woman who gives her most treasured and valuable possession to anoint Jesus' feet. He then tells of the last Passover meal where Jesus declares through the symbols of bread and wine that all prior acts of deliverance, sacrifice, and salvation of Israel point to Him, and the blood He would pour out for many. We will see that the constant portrayal of discipleship is of those who will go all in for the love of their Lord, and are asked if we will actively receive Jesus for relationship with Him and become a new family.

Audio | Mark 14:1-26