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Oct 31

Our Next Sermon Series: Philippians

Scripture, Teaching | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


Downtown Cornerstone, 

 This Sunday (Nov 2nd) we are beginning our next sermon series. Here’s a snapshot of what’s ahead:

“In the year 62, the apostle Paul wrote a letter to a church he planted in the Roman colony of Philippi, located in modern day Greece. Today, we call that letter Philippians. This letter is filled with pastoral warmth, deep joy and genuine affection. Paul’s primary purpose in writing was not to correct, like many of his other letters, but to encourage the church in Philippi (and us) to make progress in their faith as they followed Jesus together. At its very heart is Paul’s declaration, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain” (1:21). Philippians is a deeply Christ-centered letter and the best picture provided within the New Testament of what a maturing local church looks like. The major themes of this letter include: joy, thanksgiving, humility, unity, the advance of the gospel, perseverance, and over them all, the person of Jesus Christ. Join us as we learn from Paul what it looks like to follow Jesus together in our city, in our generation, for His glory and the good of as many as possible.” 

I am really looking forward to our time together in Philippians and what the Lord plans to do among us through it. Given all that is going on in our city, and within our church, this is the perfect letter for us in this season. Please pray for me as I continue to prepare the series. Please pray for us as a church that we’d have soft hearts that are hungry to learn, trust and follow. Please pray that Jesus would use this series to lead many to trust Him for the first time. Love you, all. See you on Sunday!

Christ is all,

Pastor Adam