Downtown Cornerstone Media
Nov 9

Saints, Servants, and Shepherds

Media, Philippians, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


If there was ever a letter written to stir Jesus’ people to joy, hope and confidence – even amidst the worst of circumstances – it is Philippians. Paul writes to show us that the gospel, and all of its implications, not only transcends human divisions but also our circumstances. That is what makes this letter a favorite for many. Yet, at the very same time, Paul’s words here are deeply challenging. How is it possible for Paul to be so positive amidst such dire circumstances? How is it possible for him to write with such warmth, joy and sincerity from prison? Is he being real? What does he have that we, too often, don’t seem to have? We get an answer to that in the first two lines of his letter.

Audio | Philippians 1:1-2