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Jan 11

Timothy, Epaphroditus and Us

Media, Philippians, Sermons | by Pastor Adam Sinnett


Paul explains the supreme worth and incomparable beauty of Jesus and asserts that “To live is Christ, and to die is gain”. Therefore, he writes in order to call the Philippians – and us – to live in such a way that we put Jesus’ worth on display in our daily lives. Today, in Philippians 2:19-30, we reach a summary section that points to the lives of two men who exemplify this life: Timothy and Epaphroditus. This section gets us asking some important questions: What is my life really about? What, and for whom, am I living for? Am I available to Jesus and others? Am I faithfully stewarding my God-given gifts and resources? Do I have a real concern for others?

Audio | Philippians 2:19-30