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May 31

June 10th will be the last 5pm gathering

News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

This week we announced to the members that, after much prayerful deliberation, the elders have decided to make Sunday, June 10th, the last Sunday that we will gather at 5pm (This will not affect our morning gatherings). We started the 5pm this past October. Since then, that gathering has made up approximately 15% of our total Sunday adult attendance, so it has not been a failure. At the same time, it has not taken root, nor opened up more space in the morning, as we hoped it would. The five o’clock hour doesn’t seem to be a particularly attractive gathering time for us, as a church.

We know that some of you are fans of the 5pm, but it’s not many of you. While we genuinely want to create as many opportunities as possible for people to grow in Jesus, we believe our limited resources would be better stewarded, for the good of more people, by cancelling the 5pm and reevaluating for the fall. We are currently considering three morning gatherings beginning mid-September.

We want to thank the handful of committed volunteers, and band members, that have selflessly sacrificed to make the 5pm happen over the last eight months. Thank you! We will keep you posted as plans come together for the fall. 

Q: When will the 5pm be cancelled?

A: The last 5pm gathering will be held on Sunday, June 10th. Therefore, there will be no 5pm gathering beginning, Sunday, June 17th. 

Q: What do I do if I’m a volunteer at the 5pm? 

A: Don’t quit yet! If you are on a 5pm service team, your Ministry Lead will reach out and help get you connected to a morning service team. But, keep in mind, we still have two weeks until our last 5pm gathering.

Q: What will we do in the fall? 

A: We are still deciding, though moving to three morning gatherings is a real possibility. That means we will only have three months (June, July, August) before we’re back to three again in September. 

Q: Why not change to three morning gatherings now? 

A: Changing gathering times is no small feat and requires significant coordination and communication. Therefore, it seemed most prudent to not attempt that as we enter summer, but wait until the fall. 

Q: Does this mean we will never have an evening gathering again?

A: No, not at all. We are still open to an evening gathering when timing, circumstances, and the life of our church align in such a way that it makes sense. Though, I will say it would be our preference to be able to have everyone gather at the same time! Let’s pray Jesus would make that a possibility. 

Q: Will this change how long I can park in the lots next to the building? 

A: Yes, we’ll be adjusting our parking lot reservation timeframe to end at 2pm on Sundays. So, please ensure you do not leave your car beyond 2pm or you may be ticketed. 

This isn’t a withdrawal, by any stretch, but a recalibration for more effective gospel ministry. The Lord is at work among us, friends. Let’s pray for the Lord to use this change to shake off any spiritual sleepiness and alert us to the importance of the realities we are swimming in as his people. Together, we are “the household of God, which is the church of the living God, a pillar and buttress of the truth” (1 Tim. 3:15) in Seattle no matter what time, or how many times, we happen to gather on Sunday.  

Christ is all, 

Pastor Adam