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Apr 9

An Invitation to Good Friday and Easter 2020

Easter, Good Friday | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

Pastoral Note

Downtown Cornerstone,

We are quickly approaching Good Friday and Easter.

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday marks the day that Jesus was unlawfully tried and brutally murdered on a cross outside Jerusalem, nearly 2,000 years ago. It can seem so far removed from our lives—historically and culturally—that we simply dismiss it as a mere footnote of history. But, it is not a footnote. Good Friday marks the culmination of the redemptive promises of God in the substitutionary death of Jesus, to rescue all who place their faith in him (1 Pet. 2:24-25).

What is Easter?

Easter Sunday marks the day on which Jesus triumphantly rose from the grave. His resurrection served as an exclamation mark to all he said and achieved (Rom. 1:4). While many reject the resurrection as an ancient fiction, we should ask whether that rejection is well-founded or merely a by-product of cultural bias. There was no reason to invent the resurrection. It was completely implausible to begin with. So, the question isn’t “What do I feel about the resurrection?” but “Is the resurrection true?” If the resurrection is true—and it is—it changes everything about everything.

A Man Unlike Any Man

Therefore, this weekend is all about Jesus—the best known and most influential person the world has ever known. More lives have been changed by him, books written about him, and songs sung to him than anyone. The Western calendar literally revolves around his arrival. Today, 2.2 billion people identify themselves as Christians and see him as the way to God. That means that followers of Jesus make up a greater proportion of the world’s population now than ever before. No other figure comes close to crossing cultural, racial, political, historical, and geographical boundaries as extensively as Jesus. Why? Because he rose that first Easter morning.

The Details

We will livestream our Good Friday service on Friday, April 10th at 6PM. We will sing, pray, and reflect. This time together is always uniquely moving and helps to heighten worship on Easter, so we encourage you to participate. This service will be 90 minutes.

We will also livestream our Easter service on Sunday, April 12th at 10AM. As usual, we will be holding our pre-livestream prayer and connect at 9:15-9:45AM. The Easter sermon will be grounded in 1 Corinthians 15:12-20, in which we will consider the importance and historical reliability of Jesus’ resurrection. This service will be 90 minutes.

Let’s ask Jesus to save, awaken, and reinvigorate souls to the breathtaking reality of his resurrected love over this weekend—in our lives and in the lives of all who do not yet know him.

Because the tomb is empty,
Pastor Adam

P.S. The landing page for both livestream services is found here.