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Aug 13

Wait and Hope

Media, Psalms: Songs of Ascent, Sermons | by Pierce Martin

Psalms: Songs of Ascent

Today we are finishing our 4-part summer series in the Psalms of Ascent, in Psalm 130. This psalm is a psalm of repentance, and while repentance can be a loaded word, the truth is in our culture, we are always repenting, looking to turn from our problems and to some new, better solution. Psalm 130 gives us a different picture of what repentance is though, it argues that what we should turn to isn’t another solution, but a person. And our turning to new solutions will never give us the rest we’re looking for, until we turn to God.

Audio | Notes | Psalm 130
Aug 7

Children of God

1 John, Media, Sermons | by Pierce Martin

1 John

This morning we find ourselves in the middle of First John. Thus far in John’s letter, we have seen his pastoral care for the church: exhorting and teaching them to hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to see it worked out in their lives. In our passage today, John shifts from exhortation to lovingly reminding these Christians and us of the abundant riches and privileges of what it means that God has not only saved us through Jesus but has made us his children.

Audio | Notes | 1 John 2:28-3:3
Jun 26

Great is the Lord

Media, Psalms: Songs for Life, Sermons | by Pierce Martin

Psalms: Songs for Life

We are finishing our series on the Psalms this morning by looking at Psalm 145, one of the greatest songs of praise in the entire Bible. In it, we are taught to revel in the character and deeds of the Infinite, Powerful, and Good King of all creation, that there is no one and no thing like Him in the entire universe and that to give our praise to Him is to enter joy, security, and life itself.

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Jan 3

An Invitation to Satisfaction

Media, Other Sermons | by Pierce Martin

Other Sermons
This morning we look at what it means to be satisfied. Christianity is about finding our soul's deepest satisfaction in the God who ardently desires to give it to us in Him. Isaiah 55:1-3 expresses God's call to His people to leave that which does not fill for Him who alone satisfies. In Christ God offers us something infinitely better than our own striving- A real and lasting relationship with Him.

Audio | Isaiah 55:1-3
Jul 26

Learners: Living Trust

Disciple: Living For Jesus, Media, Sermons | by Pierce Martin

Disciple: Living For Jesus

In the second half of our Disciple: Living for Jesus series we look at what it is to grow in trusting Jesus as learners. We are all learning from something, we all have a dominant shaping force in our lives. In 2 Peter 1:3-12 Peter reminds us that learning is more than doing, it is knowing who Jesus is. We look at why we learn from Jesus, what we learn from Jesus, how to learn from Jesus, and barriers and application to learning.

Audio | 2 Peter 1:3-12
Jan 4

Beholding The Glory Of The Lord

Media, Other Sermons | by Pierce Martin

Other Sermons

We are all living our lives in awe of something. Whether we realize it or not, whatever thing we hold in awe has a tremendous shaping influence on us. In 2 Cor 3:17-18 Paul describes the glory of God and the work of the Spirit as we behold His glory, and are transformed into who God created us to be. We have only two options: either we are attaching our sense of well-being to earthly treasures and our own glory, or we attach it to the King of Glory himself, the God to whom all lesser glories point.

Audio | 2 Corinthians 3:17-18
Jul 13

Jesus and Work

Every Square Inch, Media, Sermons | by Pierce Martin

Every Square Inch

In the third segment of this series, we look at the way Jesus' sovereign lordship shapes the way we work. Work is anything that utilizes the way God has gifted us to cultivate or improve the world around us. From creation, we see that God was the first worker, and gave man a job to continue cultivating the earth. Once man sinned, however, work was cursed, and now we sinfully either make work itself our god, or work only to enable our other gods. The good news is that when Jesus came, he redeemed our work, and through the cross our work finds restoration and the hope of a risen Lord.