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Aug 13

Wait and Hope

Media, Psalms: Songs of Ascent, Sermons | by Pierce Martin

Psalms: Songs of Ascent

Today we are finishing our 4-part summer series in the Psalms of Ascent, in Psalm 130. This psalm is a psalm of repentance, and while repentance can be a loaded word, the truth is in our culture, we are always repenting, looking to turn from our problems and to some new, better solution. Psalm 130 gives us a different picture of what repentance is though, it argues that what we should turn to isn’t another solution, but a person. And our turning to new solutions will never give us the rest we’re looking for, until we turn to God.

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Aug 6

Unless the Lord Builds the House

Media, Psalms: Songs of Ascent, Sermons | by Pastor David Parker

Psalms: Songs of Ascent

Today we cross the half-way point for our short four part series on the Psalms of Ascent with Psalm 127. This Psalm is immensely practical for us today, because it gets to the heart of the two areas of life that often demand the most attention; our work and our family. In the text today, we’ll look at how the sovereign hand of the Lord is involved in all of our endeavors, and then we’ll examine how that affects the way we think about our labors, our sleep, our families and ultimately the Gospel.

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Jul 30

Settled and Sentineled

Media, Psalms: Songs of Ascent, Sermons | by Pastor Luke Davis

Psalms: Songs of Ascent

In the second week of our four-part series on the Psalms of Ascent we arrive at 125; a triumphant song of security! Though our lives may seem unwieldy and unstable we are anchored and made safe by God. As one preacher said, “we are established, and then entrenched; settled, and then sentineled: made like a mount, and then protected as if by mountains.” In the text we will see His commitment to peace and justice for the unending good of His people. May we trust Him wholly with our assent and obedience.

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