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May 31

Bearing Each Other’s Burdens Amidst Racial Heartache

Ethnic Harmony, Media, Pastoral Excerpts | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

From time to time, the elders of DCC find it important to speak into important and relevant issues and topics related to spiritual growth, evangelism, and church unity. What follows is a pastoral note, that was given on May 31, 2020—on the recent and tragic race-related incidents against those in the black community and the demonstrations happening across the country. Pastor Adam encourages us to bear each other’s burdens and love one another well in this season rife with opportunities for disunity.

Additionally, below is an excerpt from the sermon on Romans 5:6-11, that was given on the same day. Pastor Adam highlights the importance of continuing to go to God’s Word, first and foremost, amidst the heartaches and trials resulting from the recent and tragic race-related events. To listen to the full sermon, click here.