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In Seattle, we have thousands of neighbors who have arrived as refugees, asylees, or immigrants – often fleeing persecution and arriving with only the clothes on their backs. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to navigate the complex immigration system and be resettled in Seattle still face an uphill battle to learn to live in a new culture, with a new language, amidst the pain and confusion of trauma they’ve faced.

In 2019, World Relief Seattle has helped resettle and reunite almost 200 families (585 individuals). In our Refugee Mercy Ministry, DCC has partnered with World Relief Seattle to help serve those vulnerable image-bearers arriving in our city with the love of Christ, because God has loved us in Christ while we were spiritually dead, apart from Him and without hope in the world. You can read more about our partnership here

This Advent season, we’re hosting a drive to purchase physical goods for our refugee, asylee, and immigrant neighbors resettling in Seattle. 

Our goal for this drive is to provide 20 families (or more!) with all of the physical essentials while they resettle in Seattle. That includes everything from toothbrushes and trash bags to bedding and cookware. In order to make the greatest impact, we’re going to collect financial donations together as a church and then purchase these items in bulk.

Ways to Participate

We invite you to prayerfully consider a gift toward serving these new neighbors, as God’s beloved image-bearers. 100% of the gifts collected will go directly to the material needs of the families served by World Relief.

  • A gift of $25 can purchase the cleaning items for a family of 4
  • A gift of $75 can purchase essential kitchenware
  • A gift of $250 can provide linens & bedding
  • A gift of $500 can provide a full package of essentials for a family of 4

You can contribute through a financial donation using the online giving button below, or by marking a monetary donation as “advent drive” and placing it in a giving box on Sunday or by mailing it in.


All contributions are tax-deductible, and World Relief will receive 100% of your donation, less any processing fees (if applicable). A gift acknowledgment will be included in your year-end giving statement.


Will there be an opportunity to donate physical items?
No. In order to take advantage of bulk pricing, reduce the costs and impact of shipping and physical logistics, we’re going to focus our efforts on raising funds and then buying physical goods in bulk.

How can I learn more about Refugees in Seattle?
Check out our Mercy Ministries page to learn more about our current Mercy Ministries, including our partnership with World Relief Seattle.

And you can also email us with any questions at !