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Aug 16

Politics in the Life of the Church: Walking with God Amidst Political Turmoil

, Media, Psalms: Walking With God, Sermons | by Jonathan Leeman

Psalms: Walking With God

We continue our series in the Psalms that runs parallel to our series in Romans. The purpose of this study is to learn from the psalmists what it means to faithfully walk with God through the ups-and-downs of life in a world marred by sin. Today, in Psalm 2, we consider how the reality of Jesus’ kingship over the nations helps us navigate times of political turmoil with confidence and hope.

This sermon also serves as the first session of a three-part workshop, Politics in the Life of the Church, with pastor and author Jonathan Leeman. For a full list of sessions and video recordings, visit our event webpage here.

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May 1

Resting in God’s Sovereign Goodness

Media, Psalms: Songs for Life, Sermons | by Pastor Craig Sturm

Psalms: Songs for Life

Last week, we began a brand new 10-week study through the Psalms – one of the most beloved books of the Bible. For millennia, the Psalms have served as the songbook for God’s people. The Psalms teach us to pray, to sing, and jolt us out of our complacency to revel in the majesty of God. This morning, we continue with Psalm 2 as the psalmist beautifully and poetically calls us to joyfully trust in the sovereign goodness of the rule and reign of Jesus.

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