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Jul 20

July Prayer Update

News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

Only two months ago, Tuesday May 25th, we held our first gathering in a 33rd floor conference room to cast vision for a new gospel work in the heart of downtown Seattle. Two months. Much has happened since and we want to keep you up-to-date. For everyone who has been praying for us and this new work – thank you! With the many social networking options available (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, email services, etc) it can be challenging to select “the one” that will reach the most people. We want as many people as possible praying for this new work, so I will be communicating regular prayer requests and updates through this blog. You can read the first prayer update HERE. You can also receive email updates of new blog content by entering your email in the “Subscribe to Updates via Email” box in the right column.

Here are some snapshots of the past month:

Acts 29 Lead Pastor’s Retreat (June 21-24)
At the end of June, Jen and I were blessed to participate in an all-expenses-paid trip to Vail, Colorado to meet with 200+ Acts 29 church planters and their wives for several days of rest, community, worship and teaching. It was a great gift given by the Acts 29 Network. We came back refreshed, encouraged and challenged. We’re already looking forward to next year!

Last Wedding (June 26)
Well, not exactly my last. Immediately upon returning from Vail I had the privilege of performing my last wedding as a part of Mars Hill Church for two dears friends. (It was bitter sweet as I’ve learned, matured, and participated with Mars Hill for over a decade. I’m forever grateful.) Congrats Clodfelters!

We Moved!
Feeling called to plant a church in downtown Seattle means, of course, that we must move downtown. That’s no small feat with a family, a home in West Seattle, and a city full of occupied high-priced apartments – all while raising financial support. God would need to show up. He did. In short order, we found long-term renters for our home in West Seattle (unfortunately, we must rent until the market turns), a great apartment opened up in the heart of the city, and many offered to financially support us. As of last weekend, we now live downtown albeit out of boxes.

New Sunday Gathering Place.
In June we began to meet together in the Westin Building. This month we made a shift to the Cobb building. This makes our gatherings more centrally located, easier to find, and more comfortable. You can read more HERE.

First Thursday, 4th of July party, Hope Place and Happy Hour.Since we first started meeting we’ve had a two-fold strategy that consists of gathering on Sundays (for vision, prayer and worship) and connecting during the week (for community, mission, and service). It’s been an eventful month from participating in First Thursday in Pioneer Square to throwing a roof-top Fourth of July party to hanging out at Cal Anderson via Molly Moons to serving at Union Gospel Mission’s Hope Place. These times have helped shape us as a newly forming community, while providing many opportunities to invite people in. Follow us here at the blog to find out what’s happening this week.

Gospel Centered Life.
After spending the month of June walking through the vision, values and mission of Downtown Cornerstone we moved to studying The Gospel Centered Life together. We’re starting with the Gospel because it is the good news of the Gospel, applied by the Holy Spirit, that changes everything. We want this to be central to who we are as gospel people in the city. We’re just three weeks in, but its already bearing fruit. I recommend it for personal or community-oriented study.

Networking and Connecting.
I am devoting much of my time to meeting with business, community and church leaders in the city to ask a simple question, “What kind of church does Seattle need?” The responses have been fascinating. Be expecting a future blog post. As we begin this new work, our posture is one of humility. We want to learn from the city. We are not in the city to stand above the city (in judgment) or under the city (in fear) or to mirror the city (in surrender), but for the city (in love).

Family Health.
As though all of this is not enough, our baby girl (Macy) recently had a seizure. We’ve since learned that 50% of children who have a seizure never have another. Nonetheless, we’ve taken proper precautions (EEG, MRI) and are still awaiting results. Would you pray for Macy? I too managed to injure my knee, for which I am receiving physical therapy. This church planting gig is taking more of a physical toll than I anticipated.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

For August, please pray that:

  • We would be a church marked by a deep love for Jesus.
  • Jesus would continue to build his church by bringing more people to join his mission in the city.
  • Many souls will be saved and lives transformed through this new gospel work.
  • We’d have open doors and favor in Seattle.
  • All of our financial needs will be provided for.
  • Jesus-loving, talented musicians and artists will join this work.
  • A central, strategic, well-known, yet inexpensive, gathering location for us would open up.
  • Seattle would be loved, served, challenged and changed through the gospel.
  • Many Gospel-centered Jesus-loving churches would be planted.

The story continues…

Desperately dependent but confident in Him,
Pastor Adam